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  1. It is better to use convenient translation software: Baidu Translation, Netease Youdao Dictionary, Googlefan Translation, Tencent Translation Jun, Jinshan Ci Battle, etc.
    1, Baidu translation
    Baidu translation is an online translation service released by Baidu. Relying on Internet data resources and natural language processing technical advantages, it is committed to helping users cross the language gap and easily obtain information and services.
    Baidu translation supports 28 popular language mutual translations in the world, including Chinese (simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,, Dutch,,, Dutch,,,,, Greek, Estonia, Bulgarian, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Swedish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Cultural Chinese and Chinese (Traditional), etc. direction.
    2, Netease Youdao Dictionary
    The translation is a translation software developed by NetEase. The biggest feature is that the translation engine is based on search engines and network interpretation. They are from the Internet.
    The desktop dictionary back to its powerful search engine (Youdao search) background data and "web extraction" technology, and the various emerging vocabulary and English abbreviations that traditional dictionaries cannot be included in the billions of webpages Such as the name, brand name, celebrity name, place name, professional terms, etc. Because the content of the webpage on the Internet is always updated, the vocabulary and example sentences provided by the desktop dictionary will also be updated dynamically, so that the latest, coolest, and most lively Chinese and English vocabulary and sentences on the Internet are exhausted.
    3, Googlefan Translation
    GOOGLE translation is Google provided a free translation service, which can provide instant translation between 103 languages, supporting words, sentences, and web translations between any two languages. The more artificial translation documents that can be analyzed, the higher the quality of the translation. When the translation is generated by translation to generate translations, various modes will be found in millions of documents in order to determine the best translation. Google translations have made reasonable guessing by detecting various modes in artificial translation documents, and then obtained appropriate translation. The process of finding various examples in a large number of texts is called "statistical machine translation". Because the translation is generated by a machine, not all translations are perfect.
    4, Tencent Translation Jun
    is a mobile version translation software launched by Tencent, which can provide multi -language and voice translation functions.
    "Translation Jun" is a real -time voice dialogue translation software produced by Tencent. It supports Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean languages. It has accurate translation effects, efficient voice input, accurate audio recognition, fast operation experience, simple tool experience specialty. It is very suitable for use in traveling abroad, speaking exercises, foreign language learning, examination education, daily office, friend exchange and other situations.
    5, Jinshan Ci Battle
    In the mobile version of Kingshan Ciwa, the Android version and iOS version are a classic, authoritative and free dictionary software, which completes the Collins high -level English and Han dictionary; integrates more than 5 million bilingual and authoritative example sentence sentence sentence , 141 professional copyright dictionary; and cooperating with CRI to create a 320,000 pure real voice voice.
    The also supports Chinese and English, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and German. Adopting younger and fashionable UI design styles, the interface is simple and fresh. On the basis of ensuring the number of original entries, the installation package is compressed to 1/3 of the original, and the operating memory is greatly reduced.

  2. English translation software must carefully consider teaching effects and cost -effectiveness. In this editor, I want to recommend a very good online English software for everyone, called Akaso British. It was endorsed by the big star, and the industry is well -known and very cost -effective.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Baidu Translation is suitable for traveling by taking pictures when traveling, and you can better understand the direction through taking pictures of translation. Youdao is better at the full -text translation function. These two translation software can basically meet the daily needs of users.n1. Youdao translator Youdao translator is a translation application produced by NetEase Youdao Company. It supports multi -language offline translations such as Sino -British, China, Japan, China, South Korea, and China France. It can also be used smoothly without the network. At the same time, it is equipped with a powerful camera to take words and SMS translation functions. You can quickly obtain the translation results without manually input. 2. Baidu translation Baidu translation is a translation application that integrates translation, dictionary, and scenario sentence sentences. Provide high -quality translation services for high -quality Sino -British, Britain, and China and Japan. At the same time, integrate offline translation, voice translation and camera translation functions. It can conveniently meet the user's translation needs anytime, anywhere. helper. 3. Google Translation Google Translation is a free translation service provided by Google, which can provide instant translation between 80 languages ​​and supports words, sentences and web translations between any two languages. The more artificial translation documents that can be analyzed, the higher the quality of the translation. For most languages, you can read a phrase, and then you can hear the corresponding voice translation.nI hope to help you help you, like it! thanksn1 morenBleak

  4. How should I choose a translation tool that is strong and suitable for themselves in many translation software? I believe that many translators of students and full -time and part -time translators who have already worked are to find a computer -aided translation software suitable for teaching and work translation. Which aspects do we usually consider whether it is suitable for our translation tools?

    1. [Is the cost performance suitable for yourself]
    trados, Yaxin, etc. The genuine price of 4,000 to 10,000, which is obviously too large and unrealistic for many non -translation practitioners. Consider software that is more affordable.
    2. [Whether there is a translation memory function] (real -time translation memory)
    translation memory (TM) is one of the most valuable aspects of machine translation. That is, the data (sentence library) and accumulated term (library) that the translator previously translated into the database in an automatic or artificial manner can be used to rely on the computer's strong retrieval capabilities to use the same or similar translation materials to use it in order Save the time and energy of translation, and use the computer to make up for the lack of memory in memory.
    3. [Can you handle various formats well]
    The standardized file format or better file format compatibility can make the file format not need to be converted back and forth.
    4. [Whether the content of the storage translation is convenient, whether the translation has the function of automatic typing]
    5. [No need to take up too much memory, and the convenience of translation]
    6. Language files]
    In general, from the above 6 points of requirements, choose translation tools, which is more in line with our needs.
    It we recommend 5 computer -aided translation software.

    1.sdl tradossdl trados is the most representative computer -aided translation software. The latest version is Trados 2015. According to the survey just mentioned, TRADOS accounts for 35%of the entire computer -aided translation software market, and it is the world's most computers and translation software used by the most companies and translators.
    Trados has the advantage of: the translation memory function is its core technology, if it is similar to words, it is deemed to be a vague matching. The translator can modify the time to save duplicate translation as needed. The format of all popular document formats is strong for the compatibility of the source file format, and users do not need to typeset. High stability, high integration, online query function. There are also supporting software SDL Multititm, which is specially used to manage terms. It can be said that Trados is the most powerful and most advanced computer -aided translation software.
    The disadvantage is that it is too complicated and it is particularly difficult to get started. The entire interface is also relatively complicated, many functions are hidden deep, and the guidelines are rarely. And the problem of output formats cannot be output. High price, no dictionary, no analysis of the grammatical structure of Yuanwen. Trados itself is a software that needs to be downloaded offline. The corpus is not shared, so you have to spend time to make your own corpus.
    It is also relatively high. The full version of free translators takes 695 euros. Even the streamlined version requires 99 euros, and the professional version of the user users is as high as 2595 euros.
    It can be said to buy a trados without such a mild user who is not so large.

    2. déjà vu x3déjà vu comes from French, which means "vision". It is developed by the French ATRIL company and ranked second in the world (second only to Trados).
    déjà vu as a computer auxiliary software, the function is similar to Trados. Perhaps it is like its French name. This software provides reference translation by retrieving the translation content that has known each other.
    déjà vu x3 is the latest version of ATRIL's computer -aided translation software desktop -level product. As a starting show of a computer -aided translation software, it has an independent operating platform and a symmetrical intuitive interface. Multiple files can be translated in one interface without consistency issues.
    The disadvantage is that it is too professional to get started. It takes time to learn and use, and the fee is more expensive.

    3. Cloud translation CTCFILE is compared to complex Trados, Memoq, Memsource and other CAT tools. Cloud translation is simply a clear stream in the CAT industry. The interface is simple, the function is simple and direct, and it is very easy to get started. Support the entire document translation of one -click drag, quickly add the term database, convenient smart school pair, and so on. And there are currently two options: web version and Windows version.

    The cloud translations are not inferior to traditional machine translation auxiliary software in core functions such as translation memory and machine translation. Based on neural network translation, support semantic analysis and intelligent sentence breaks, and output high -quality translations; it has a large number of massive corpus accumulation in multiple professional segments to further improve translation efficiency.
    And Yun translation is better at the full text of documents, including 21 mainstream file formats including PDF, Word, PPT, JPG, Excel, etc. The complex document is translated throughout, and the typography of the translation and the original document is highly restored, without a large number of postprandial typesetting.
    The function includes smart school pairs, private cloud libraries, term banks, alignment tools, bilingual controls, etc. These functions are very practical for translators.

    4.MemSource CloudMemSource Cloud is an online cloud CAT tool developed by a web -end of the Czech company MemSource.
    MemoQ supports multiple translation memory, multiple term libraries, can access the server version and other functions, has functions such as long string related search, and can also be compatible with the translation files provided by SDL Trados, Star Transit and other XLiff. QTERM is managed in the form of online websites to manage terms and translation memories.
    But one obvious disadvantage is that the translation project management interface of MemSource Cloud is slightly complicated, it is more troublesome to manage, and it is not friendly to novice users.
    Memsource only charges translation companies and enterprise users, and free of charge for individual translators. At the same time, MemSource also offers the desktop version of MEMSOURCE EDITOR for free download, supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux. After installing on the computer, you can seamlessly connect to the MemSource Cloud, and use the term and translation memory stored in the cloud to translate locally.

    5.Google Toolkit Google Translator Tools include Google's own powerful machine translation technology. You can simply look at the Google Translator's toolkit as a web version of the translation auxiliary software. Like other translation auxiliary tools, it will remember the content that has been translated before. When the same content appears again, it will prompt the result of the last translation. If you often do a certain type of translation, and there are some sentences that appear frequently, using a translation auxiliary tool can greatly reduce the content of repeated enrollment, thereby improving efficiency.
    Google translator toolkit is an integrated auxiliary translation platform that provides professionals with translation assistance, machine translation, collaborative platforms, and timely communication services.
    The translator tool package directly integrates Google translation services and the editors that are obtained. At the same time, it also provides an open scoring system, sharing system, and Wikipedia.
    But unfortunately, Google announced in 2019 that the translator's tool package will stop service on December 4.

    . Although the Going translator tool package has been discontinued, there are still other computer -assisted translation tools on the market for everyone to choose from.

    . For example, the same supporting web version of computer -assisted translation tools that support web version of the computer.

    The translation tools above are very good products. To sum up, in the information age, the development of translation technology is very strong. Modern translations will be used in the era of machine translation technology and computer -assisted translation technology. In addition to the translators and students who must master the language ability, learn to master the current popular translation tools. It is also important to assist yourself in improving your comprehensive ability.
    The computer auxiliary translation software is high in price, but domestic people do not feel, because they all use pirated versions, but the use of piracy not only has moral risks. During the use process, piracy sometimes appears "files. The translation cannot be exported "and other situations. I don't advocate pirated software here.
    What tools have you used above? Is there any useful recommendation? I hope everyone will share more good translation tools and skills to make progress together.

  5. Which English translation software is better
    translation is not easy, but many friends also love translation. Everyone has different English levels. To find those who are suitable for you, you need to spend a lot of thoughts. The old editor recommends the following translation tools here. I hope you like it!
    Operation method:
    Step 1. Double -click to open the translation tool, select the "short sentence translation" function.

    It step 2. Here, enter the content that needs to be translated directly.

    Step 3, remember, here you need to choose a language that needs to be translated.

    Step 4. Finally, click "Translation".

    Step 5. As shown in the figure, this sentence has been successfully translated.

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