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  1. Development background:
    The day of wind and sunny, old customers recommended new customers to come to find development, saying that it is necessary to develop an automatic ordering software for today's headline Luban e -commerce platform.
    For Luban e -commerce platform, you can understand the situation by yourself. It is a huge volume of the byte beating, which is also a new platform. After the merchant settled in Luban e -commerce, it needs to pay 2W large yuan as a deposit. The platform will customize and promote the merchant's products. Of course, the specific customization and promotion effect is related to the promotion costs that the merchant is willing to pay. Promoting advertising promotion under platforms such as Douyin and Watermelon. As long as a customer places an order to complete the transaction, after such an order transaction is completed, the merchant will see the source of the order "Luban Advertising" in the background, and the merchant will be deducted from the advertising fee. 3 yuan to hundreds of dollars. Some people say that if you do n’t use the advertisement to place an order automatically, do n’t you need to deduct the advertising fee? Wrong, there is also a source of order "independent operation". What does it mean? That is, businesses can generate links in the background, and customers can directly access the link to place orders. In this way, the source of order is "independent operation". However, this order will be deducted from advertising costs! Intersection (Platform regulations you do n’t understand)
    Plash after understanding Luban e -commerce, they began to develop CODING according to user needs. During this period, I would like to thank customers for their mutual coordination and debugging to have the following progress. It took a week and the development was in the post -stage, and the customer suddenly said that it was not needed! (I*) The debugging until the end of the last time I said no. Since the customer does not need anymore, share your mind and learn together!
    In the development process before we have this series of articles: Research on how the Luban e -commerce platform is used to automatically place an order without the advertising fee
    The text:
    Import the designated product link to the software and automatically place an order. Since there is no designated product link now, then first crawl all the product links to test for later development.
    This hand in hand to study how the Luban e -commerce platform is automatically placed without the advertising fee [1] -Caping the product link
    In environmental configuration
    Grabbing the package is to visit the product according to the advertisement in today's headline app, first set up the packaging environment
    For iPhone users, considering setting certificates and various troubles, you can download the ThOR APP for real machine grabbing package debugging
    For Android users, of course, it is best to debug on the computer. I chose a lightning emulator and a Mitmweb packaging artifact

    specific specific There are different ways to build the environment, so I won't go into details.
    link analysis
    C product link example:
    haohuo./views/propt/item? ID =

  2. 1. What is Luban-e-commerce advertising management tools?
    Luban-e-commerce advertising management tools are tailored for e-commerce advertising owners to create product pages, and managing management tools for store management, order management, and data information query.
    Luban-e-commerce advertising management tools
    . Luban-e-commerce advertising management tools Main functions:
    . The production page production
    simple steps can be completed by the single product page creation creation The product can be displayed in the store, or it can be used as an advertising promotion link to complete the advertising.
    2. Store management
    The shop homepage decoration and shop announcement release. It can achieve fan interaction and enhance user stickiness through the form of store benefits and activities.
    3. Order management
    The background to view order and product information at any time, automatically update the order status of the system, and send the order status text message to users to increase the signing of the product.
    4. Data information
    The data information such as "business staff" data tools to view data information such as changes in store DSR index, user evaluation, product conversion data, etc., understand the operating status, and optimize the operating strategy.
    . Luban-Introduction to E-commerce Advertising Management Tool
    1. No commission, efficient and fast
    The tailor-made e-commerce advertising owners, do not collect commissions, help advertisers quickly complete the landing page production And order management;
    The landing page display structure is prominent, the product display angle is more abundant, and the transformation rate of the page is effectively improved;
    The product landing page of an advertiser can be used for multiple AD accounts under the advertiser's name. Put it.
    2. Advertising effect data monitoring
    C product recommendation, product views, order transaction volume, store DSR indicator changes, etc., clear data presentation, providing analysis foundation and store optimization management tools for advertising.
    3. Store management, fan interaction
    It support store management, fans' attention, through store activities, welfare and other store marketing documents and announcements to enhance user stickiness.
    4. Self -media marketing, enhance conversion
    Culed to support self -media marketing, product creation set up commissions, inventory reaching standards, products can enter the self -media expert commodity library. Channel, increase order transaction volume.
    . The opening process of Luban-e-commerce advertising management tools
    In open advertising accounts, select Luban advertising account: open Luban shop, fill in store information, pay security deposits, open stores, advertisement investment.
    Liban needs to review the qualifications to open it first. Self -service cannot be opened. Get the latest information to continue to follow me.

  3. Luban e -commerce is a one -stop advertising management tool tailored for e -commerce advertising owners. From its advertising to a series of processes such as commodity sales, it can be put in the background of the Luban merchants to achieve the direct operation of the product to achieve the direct operation of the product , Sales, advertising, etc., are the leaders of the second -class e -commerce platform that is currently different from traditional e -commerce platforms. Today, let ’s take a look at the headline Luban e -commerce today. Let’ s take a look at the advantages of Luban ’s e -commerce platform. Let’ s take a look together ~

    E -commerce tools developed for advertisers specifically for product promotion. Advantages:
    1. The floor -to -ceiling page made by Luban can invest all the platforms under the headline according to the needs of the merchant.
    2. Users can buy goods directly on the platform platform without jumping.
    . All users purchase records and crowd data statistics in Luban system, the model can directly access advertising optimization.
    4. Processing order, order management, advertising effect data in real time monitoring.
    5. Luban supports merchants in accordance with the order deduction and converts the bid.
    Luban-e-commerce advertising management tools are tailored to the e-commerce advertising owner today, used to create product pages, and conduct management tools for store management,
    order management, and data information query. We generally call it second -class e -commerce. Unlike platform e -commerce (Tmall, JD, etc.), the second -class e -commerce needs to attract traffic through advertising in the platform. Similar platforms and Tencent Maple Leaf E -commerce Platform are all operated through different platforms.
    The second -class e -commerce platform under the headline of Luban e -commerce, then he also has a relative advantage, as follows:
    1. The platform traffic is large. If you put on the resource level, you don't know if you don't say the traffic.
    2. The payment method is diverse. Generally, the payment method of the second -class e -commerce is carried out. The online payment of the Luban platform supports Alipay and WeChat, reducing the refusal rate of the merchant package, but there will be a certain platform service fee Essence
    3. The advertising style is diversified. Today, there are many platforms under the headlines, and the advertising styles are relatively rich, especially short video advertisements are now at the air outlet.
    4. Platform attributes. Today's headline belongs to the old iron economy. Similar fast hands are close to ordinary users. The user base of second -class e -commerce is generally no platform dependence. Be sure to pay attention.

  4. It is a scammer, the money of the merchant, the so -called explosive money is all routine, saying how many old stores are sold, and the price of advertising costs has come down. 10,000 advertising fees.
    1. The review is extremely strict, which is unreasonable than the government's proof of "fucking fucking".
    2. Can't make money, set up merchants' money, advertising fees (conversion costs) are higher than the gross profit of goods.
    He burning a lot of money every day, the conversion cost is too high, the cost of 69 yuan conversion (that is, the advertising fee of Douyin) 50, or even 60, plus the cost of the product, the courier fee, how to lose money;
    99 The cost of conversion (that is, Douyin's advertising fee) 70-80 yuan, even soaring to 90, plus product costs, courier fees, how can it be posted money.
    Sound work, make money, and lose money by yourself.
    3. How long can no merchants live on it?

  5. This belongs to the second -level e -commerce, and it is naturally done well, but it is not easy to do. There must be no samples promoted by the investment personnel. Only some large numbers are good through Douyin.

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