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  1. 1. The pharmaceutical industry is an industry with a high threshold. As far as I have contacted the Asia -Pacific and global headquarters, the master's degree is basically the bottom line. Essence Otherwise, you need your hard work and better luck to reach the same height than others;
    2. Industry development needs. The current sales philosophy of medical representatives in China is huge different from international norms, but we should see that China's pharmaceutical industry is slowly moving closer to international norms. No matter what the real purpose of the GSK incident before, it is undeniable that the GSK incident is after the GSK incident The compliance processes of pharmaceutical representatives are more standardized and strict, which is the general trend and direction of future development. Therefore, the communication of pharmaceutical and medical value is the general direction of future development. If there is no good education endorsement, do you think you can develop? Do you think your doctor will believe what you say?
    3. The future industry Conversion problem. It is often difficult for college students who just graduated to find companies and positions that are suitable for their development. In the process, most of them are looking for appropriate opportunities through continuous jobs.

  2. From the perspective of general employment, the scope of employment in pharmacology is not particularly wide, but the pharmacological major is a strong discipline. No matter what medicine you develop, chemicals, Chinese medicine, and biopharmaceuticals must go through our pharmacology. In summary, the employment prospects of pharmacology should be good.

    Is we should all understand that the professionalism of pharmacology is very strong, and in fact, we need multi -disciplinary knowledge. It can be said that analysis, pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology, and pathology are necessary knowledge. If these aspects are solid, it will be very helpful for your studies and employment. Therefore, the editor of the Job resume believes that as long as it has a solid foundation, employment will not be a problem.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a special career respondent: Teacher Linda [kiss]. I have seen your news and is sorting out the answer, and will reply to your [Big Red Flower] in 3 to 5 minutes.nThank you questionsnAnswer Hello, the employment direction of graduate students in pharmacology is: 1. In the research department of universities, research, and pharmaceutical factories, engage in drug research and development. 2. Entering quality inspection in the hospital. Third, in pharmaceutical companies are engaged in drug production, circulation and sales.nBecause pharmacology occupies a very important position in the discovery and drug evaluation of new drugs, and with the transfer of Chinese drug research to original drug research, the needs of pharmacological practitioners will greatly increase, master advanced technology, and have solid professional knowledge People will get more opportunities.nI hope that the above answers can help you if your question has been solved, you can click "Ending the Service" in the upper right corner and give it a praise. [Heart] I wish you a happy life ~ Click on it, and the next time you will not get lost ~ [Hee hee hee hee ][big Red flower]n3 morenBleak

  4. The employment prospects of college pharmaceutical majors

    The demand for pharmaceutical talents in society is increasing, and the employment rate of college students in this major is as high as 95%. The pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly, especially after the improvement of living level, people's demand for health products is increasing, and enterprises are more popular with pharmaceutical talents. There is also a biochemical drug. This is an emerging and cutting -edge industry. The development prospects are very good.

    The graduates of pharmacy are mainly allocated in the pharmaceutical factory and pharmaceutical research institutes to engage in various types of drug development, research, production quality assurance and reasonable medication. Many people are engaged in drug sales agents.

    SEFCC analysis: Pharmacy can be said to be one of the fastest -growing categories in major economic fields in the world. The annual economic growth rate of pharmaceutical companies is higher than the national economic growth rate. And, because it is related to the health of everyone, it is more and more valued by the country and society. The development of my country's pharmaceutical career has also been very rapid in recent years. Many medicines have been recognized by the international market and have also established cooperative relationships with foreign companies. However, there are scarcity in professional talents. prospect.

    The occupation of medicine development and research has very high requirements for professional ability, and the corresponding requirements for education and other aspects will be relatively high. The quality of production quality assurance is not so high for education, but the requirements for related professional knowledge are still strict. In comparison, the requirements for sales of sales are lower, and they focus on sales capabilities.

    The finding a job not only depends on the profession, but also to choose according to different situations. It should be considered that its ability, specialties and personality characteristics should be considered. Popularity is not necessarily suitable. Do not use this as an employment target because of the high treatment industry of the pharmaceutical research and development industry, measure whether the ability in all aspects to meet the requirements, and then do a preliminary understanding of the specific work of this profession to see if your personality is appropriate.

    Is that the national employment situation is not optimistic, the employment prospects of pharmaceutical graduates are still generally optimistic. General Manager Zhang Meiling of Pharmaceutical British Cai.com said that in general, pharmaceutical graduates are smaller than demand. Various pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical factories are large households who absorb such graduates. The needs of the pharmaceutical industry for talents is steady. According to the person in charge of the employment of employment work of China University of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Sichuan University of China, and the School of Pharmacy of the School of Medicine of the Ministry of Medicine of Peking University, in recent years, the employment rate of graduates of these schools is close to 100%, and the overall supply and demand ratio reaches 1 : 3 ~ 1: 4. From the perspective of teaching resources, there are no plans for each school. It is understood that when choosing a job, pharmacy graduates mainly consider the development direction and popularity of the unit, and whether they can provide sufficient development space, work place and salary level.

    "At present, the employment environment of college graduates is generally not good, and their employment is becoming more rational and pragmatic." Yu Permanent Director of the Student Work Office of the University of Pharmaceuticals said that the school combined with market demand, the professional and enrollment quantity of enrollment was basically consistent with the needs of talents. Students pay more attention to the cultivation of themselves, and can choose suitable jobs in combination with their own expertise.

    The structural contradictions of employment choices are highlighting in regional differences. Pharmaceutical graduates mainly choose to employment in coastal cities and capital cities in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Soviet, Guangdong, and Lu. Some famous large pharmaceutical companies are difficult to recruit satisfactory talents due to regional problems. In terms of posts, graduates are mostly engaged in production and sales in pharmaceutical companies. In this regard, talents are also the main body of enterprise recruitment. According to reports, at the School of Medicine of the Ministry of Medicine of Peking University, students' employment volunteers are mainly pharmacies in Beijing Three Hospital. However, the survey results show that there are few demand in this regard.

    The graduates of pharmacy are mainly allocated in the pharmaceutical factory and pharmaceutical research institutes to engage in various types of drug development, research, production quality assurance and reasonable medication. Many people are engaged in drug sales agents.

    Her researchers -in the research department of the institute and pharmaceutical factory, engage in the research and development of drugs;

    Hospital pharmacist - Procuratorate, clinical pharmacy and other work;

    Ip drug inspection staff -quality standards for drugs engaged in the drug inspection institute and formulating corresponding quality standards;

    company staff Or pharmaceutical companies are engaged in drug production, circulation and trade at home and abroad.

    This Reading Pharmacy Related Examination Pharmacy Pharmacy can register for the Pharmaceutical Pharmacist Examination or Pharmaceutical Title Exam (that is, junior pharmacists, junior pharmacists, and intermediate supervisors for pharmacists).

    This Pharmaceutical Pharmacist Exam

    The national Pharmaceutical Pharmacist Qualification Examination is jointly responsible for the qualification examination of the Pharmaceutical Pharmacist by the Ministry of Personnel and the State Food and Drug Administration. The State Food and Drug Administration is responsible for organizing the formulation of examination subjects and examination outlines, writing training materials, and establishing a test -question bank and examination proposition work. In accordance with the principle of separation of training and examinations, uniformly solidify and organize pre -examination training. The Ministry of Personnel is responsible for organizing the examination subjects, examination outlines and test questions. Converse the State Food and Drug Administration to supervise, guide and determine qualified standards for the examination work.

    The registration conditions for practicing pharmacists

    . For the citizens of the People's Republic of China, and those who have employed other nationalities in my country, they can register for practice Pharmacist qualification examination.

    1. Obtaining a secondary school degree in pharmacy, Chinese medicine or related majors (chemistry, medical majors, biology), has been engaged in pharmacy or Chinese medicine majors for seven years.

    2. Obtaining a college degree in pharmacy, Chinese medicine or related majors (chemistry, medicine, biology), has been engaged in pharmacy or Chinese medicine majors for five years.

    3, obtaining a bachelor's degree in pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine or related majors (chemistry, medicine, biology), has been engaged in pharmacy or traditional Chinese medicine.

    4, obtaining the second bachelor's degree in pharmacy, Chinese medicine or related majors (chemistry, medicine, biology) graduated or obtained a master's degree in graduate class, engaged in pharmacy or Chinese medicine majors for one year Essence


    . Exemption conditions

    If in accordance with relevant national regulations as high -level professional and technical positions, and one of the following conditions, you can avoid the professional knowledge (or traditional Chinese medicine) professional knowledge. (1) Pharmacy (or Chinese medicine) professional knowledge (2).

    1. Chinese medicine apprentices, pharmacy or traditional Chinese medicine majors graduate, and have been engaged in pharmacy or traditional Chinese medicine for 20 years. 2. Obtain more than 15 years of academic qualifications for pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine or related majors, and continuously engaged in pharmacy or Chinese medicine majors for 15 years.

    . The score management

    The test takes two years as a rolling cycle. Those who apply for all the subjects must pass the exam within two consecutive years; the personnel of the subject of the subject must pass the exam within one year.

    . Organize registration and qualification review

    Im registration examiners, please hold a graduation certificate, title certificate, ID card (original), certificate of professional work, recent one -inch color photo photos Two photos. The qualification conditions of the applicants shall be reviewed and archived by the personnel examination department. The qualification conditions of the test staff shall be reviewed by the title departments of the Municipal Personnel Bureau.

    . How to apply for residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan

    The national qualifications for practicing pharmacists, according to the relevant documents of the personnel department, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan residents who meet the requirements of the examination can be available. In accordance with the principles of nearest and voluntary, register and participate in the qualification examinations of practicing pharmacists in any province, autonomous region, and municipality corresponding professional examination examination management agencies. When registering, you should submit your identity certificate and submit a certificate of corresponding professional education or degree certificate recognized by the Education Administrative Department of the State Council and the corresponding professional working period issued by his work unit. Note: Registration conditions in various places may be adjusted. Please refer to the registration conditions on the registration notice of various places.

    Ip pharmaceutical titles

    The spirit of implementing relevant documents such as the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Health's "Notice on Strengthening the Evaluation of Professional and Technical Jobs of Health". The technical qualifications of junior and intermediate health majors are officially implemented by examination and evaluation. The qualifications obtained through the exam represent the level and ability of the corresponding level of technical positions, and the necessary basis for employing the corresponding technical position as the unit.

  5. I just worked for half a year, and I said it was not easy to understand how much pharmaceutical employment was. Simply talk about personal views. Pharmacy may have clinical pharmacy, pharmacy, and Chinese medicine during college. Some schools may also be subdivided, such as pharmacy, pharmacological directions, and pharmaceutical chemistry. During the undergraduate employment, in addition to the person in the postgraduate entrance examination, some people went to the pharmaceutical factory for production, QA or QC. Some people went to the hospital pharmacy, and some people went to do medical representatives. This is the main flow after undergraduate. Of course, although it has been divided into various professional directions, the majors are still connected with each other, not completely independent. The graduate topic of a graduate student can basically involve several directions. In fact, you can learn a lot.

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