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  1. Registered first -level builders, registered secondary builders, registered supervision engineers, registered costists, these are the most people now! I test the level 2 construction engineer! It is also the highest employment rate! The registered consultant is actually the same as above, but the consulting engineer is an industry only in recent years. There are not many people who learn, and there are not many people who use these! Don't eat it too much! Registered structural engineers, registered architects, registered electrical engineers, and registered rock and soil engineers. There are relatively few people who learn, because it is difficult, most people can learn! I am an example. I do n’t understand how to learn the structural mechanics that I do n’t understand when I was in school. But there are many places to come out of these majors! And it is rushing to use it! They all have high salary! Other related industries include registered equipment supervision engineers, investment project managers, registered quality engineers, registered land appraisers, registered safety engineers, etc. These majors have no future, salary bottom, but the work is very comfortable! Not suffering! But there are very few people! Only some large companies need to be in these majors! If you are a small company, there will be no these people! A construction worker is enough! Do so many people's things! More and more people learn this industry now! Still, these talents are still in short supply in society! There will be a big future in the future! I have done it in this business for 3 years, if there is anything wrong! Please give pointers! Thank you ~

  2. You have to do the business of the construction division. After the national reform project manager the previous year, after becoming a temporary construction engineer system, the main employee of the construction industry and the holding of the construction of the builder became a very important thing, because each one was every, because each one Construction enterprises are indispensable for this profession, so there are many training schools in a time. The market is relatively chaotic, there are many names, and various classes, but the market demand is very large. If you want to do The college is your enrollment object. The future direction of scientific students must be obtained, so if you do it well in this business, it is still good.
    The certificates of construction industry are mainly first, second -level builders, architects first, and secondary (this certificate is difficult to design professional difficulties) registered environmental protection engineers (environmental design majors), environmental assessment (environmental evaluation majors) Structural division (structural design), water drainage engineer (water supply and drainage engineering), supervisor (engineering supervision evaluation analysis), HVAC engineer (building temperature design), electrical engineer (building power supply and distribution, design lighting design), etc. Wait.

  3. 1. The construction permit shall be applied to the competent authorities at the county level by the construction unit. There are many conditions: for example: the project land has been approved, a planned permit, the demolition has been completed, the construction unit has been determined, the construction drawings have been reviewed, the construction enterprise has prepared the construction organization design, the supervision unit has been commissioned, and the funds have been implemented.
    2, the qualification certificate mainly represents the projects that can be contracted, such as secondary qualifications and first -level qualifications (my unit is a special qualification, a bit fierce ... hehe)
    3, the bidding documents include: bid invitation invitations Books, bidders' notes, the main terms of the contract, the format of the bidding documents, the amount of engineering quantity, technical terms, design drawings, bid evaluation standards and methods, bidding assistance materials.
    4. The bid evaluation committee consists of the representative of the bidder and the relevant technology and economic experts. Generally, it is more than 5 or more. The members other than the bidding unit shall not be less than two -thirds of the total.
    5, the same 4.
    6, the responsibilities of various personnel
    7, the protection of the "three treasures, four mouths, and the five -facing edge", the setting of warning signs and publicity columns, and so on.

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