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  1. No trace to get the distribution of Shang Shuixian Mengqihe Hair Products Co., Ltd., recommending reasons for integrity and dedication, civilized operations, and continuously presenting new products for customers in innovation.

    1. Shangshui County Meng Qiansi Hair Products Co., Ltd.: No. 74, Malaysian Village, Yaoji Township, Shangshui County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, is the market supervision of Shangshui County, Zhoukou City The Administration is Ji Qiaoyun, including hair products, craft processing sales, and import and export business of goods, maternal and infant products (except infant milk powder), daily department stores, cosmetics, clothing and hats, plastic products, glass products, fire equipment.

    2, Xuchang Shengyuanfa Products Co., Ltd.: Private Science and Technology Park, Weidu District, Xuchang City. Development, production and sales; sales of import and export business, building materials, automotive accessories, aquatic products, agricultural and sideline products for import and export business; import and export business of goods and technology.

    3, Xuchang Jiameisfat Products Co., Ltd.: West Section of Changsheng Road, Jian'an District, Xuchang City (Xuchang Cross -border E -commerce Comprehensive Industrial Park 1 Room D10) is the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of the Jian'an District of Xuchang City. It is Xue Hongyu, including hairlines, hair products and accessories, crafts, accessories, beauty hairdressing products, textiles, chemical products (except hazardous chemicals).

    4, Tancheng Yinnuofa Products Co., Ltd.: No. 18, Xiaye Administrative Village, Chenwang Street Office, Tancheng County, Heze City, Shandong Province, for The Tancheng County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau is Zhao Daotan, including sales and craft sales. Ceramic products, hardware tools, electric materials, office supplies, computer consumables, kitchenware, household appliances, electronic products, toys, sporting goods, fitness equipment.

    5, Taishun wig sales department in Dongcheng District, Xuchang City: Room 901, Unit 1, Unit 1, Building 19, Ruijiaxiang Garden, Dongcheng District. The Half -Candida Market Supervision and Management Office of the Dongcheng Branch of the Supervision and Administration Bureau is Zang Hao, including product sales, massage, hardware tools, electrical materials, office supplies, computer consumables, kitchenware, home appliance plastic products, latex products, outdoor products.

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    1, shampoo, shampoo Previously, please comb your hair from top to bottom, and avoid the position of the hair on the hair. Try to avoid rubbing the connection site with your fingers when shampooing. Do not steam the sauna for a long time. Washing your hair for more than a minute must be rinsed thoroughly from top to bottom.

    2. After the hair is almost completely dry, you can use any styling tools you want, including blowing dryers. When drying and curling with a hair dryer, be sure to avoid blowing the position of the hair, because this may weaken the lasting firmness of the delivery.

    3. When sleeping, it is best to woven your hair in a small round. When swimming, turn your hair up or woven.

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