4 thoughts on “Hundreds of words, scallops, which is more reliable to memorize words”

  1. Choosing to memorize the word app mainly depends on personal hobbies and needs. Demand satisfies is a more reliable software for you.
    The advantages and disadvantages of everyone:

    1, hundreds of words chop:
    pictures are highlights, and they are also flawed -suitable for zero -based English scholars to memorize words and help themselves first Develop back words
    1. Full of fun, look at words to select pictures interpretation, pictures are very popular, pronunciation is very good , Save screening time.
    3. Word wallpaper is beautiful to explosion
    1. There is only one example sentence each word, and the usage is not explained in detail.
    2. It's hard to remember the words, this is a flaw. Interesting is not equal to effective. When memorizing words, you will only focus on memorizing pictures, and finally evolve into just remembers pictures, can't remember words. In a short period of time, you can really remember the words quickly, but when the words and pictures are drawn alone, it is difficult to remember
    2, scallop words
    words are more scientific -suitable for middle school students to use
    advantages :
    1. Filter words according to the test results of the word
    2. Each word in the example sentence can be added to the memory list
    3. The ugly word wallpaper
    4. First of all, give you words, let you choose to know or not know, and enter the category of cooked words, you will not appear again; if you do n’t know, you will first get a example sentence, and then get an English interpretation. In the end, you can do it in Chinese. Choosing to understand or not, there is a process of helping you to help you understand, and it will not be too impact and boring as directly as the interpretation meaning. At the same time, it also has a note function. You can also see others' notes on words, which is more conducive to deepening understanding.
    1. The way to deepen memory is to appear repeatedly. It is very monotonous
    2. Currency "shell" to buy
    4. A word often has multiple meanings. Example sentences and English interpretations use different meanings
    3, Zhimi back words
    screen words, syllable syllables, syllables Auxiliary memory -suitable for candidates for grades 46, postgraduate entrance examinations, studying abroad, and intermediate and college entrance examinations, the essentials of the examination ~
    1. Scientific word memory method -Ebbinhaus forgotten curve. Back word mode: The word appears, click to display the interpretation, the selection is too simple and continue to learn. It's too simple, and you will not learn to learn. If you continue to learn, there will be words, interpretation, example sentences, derived words, and similar words. The most important thing is that the words will be separated by memorizing the syllables in different colors. Model, for example, divided it into Per Sis Tent, which is not difficult to remember according to syllables. Zhimi shows you such a syllable combination to you.
    2. The powerful screen can take the effect of the word.
    3. The profound word wallpaper with profound meaning
    4. Click the screen to display the interpretation. The word does not display the interpretation first. Let the user choose to click to display. Not enough net red -comfortable and not fancy
    2. Occasionally, the content of the words will make an error, but the feedback to the technical brother will correct the
    . As to which one is more suitable for you, you can try it.

  2. Look at your needs?
    If you just want to learn more about the fragmented time, and you can't guarantee that you can stick to it every day, recommend a hundred words or happy words, leisure and easy entertainment
    . If you are preparing for the exam, then then Recommended scallops and Zhimi

  3. Each has its own characteristics, you can try it yourself, is it suitable for yourself? Don't memorize the meaning of Chinese in Chinese, look at more example sentences, try to create more sentences, so that you can understand the use of words, you can also try harmonious method, root affix method, edit your own smooth mouth, etc. You can download a word storm computer software and follow it. You can automatically remind you to review. If you have a certain foundation, try to explain new words with simple English. This will help cultivate English thinking and better understand the meaning of the word. Usually look at English materials, which can further expand vocabulary and enhance your sense of language.

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