1 thought on “Can Mihayou apply for a refund through WeChat?”

  1. Can.
    In the real -name authentication of WeChat, then contact the customer service to explain the reason for the refund. Generally, the refund will be given.
    Mhayou Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in the market supervision bureau of Jiading District on July 9, 2014. The legal representative Cai Haoyu, the company's business scope includes technology development in the field of network technology, computer technology, communication equipment technology, and electronic technology. The parent company is Shanghai Mihayou Network Technology Co., Ltd.
    In 2011, the 24 -year -old graduate student Liu Wei, Cai Haoyu, and Luo Yuhao, a 24 -year -old Shanghai Jiaotong University.
    In 2012, Mihayou's first product "Breaking Academy" was launched.
    2014, Mihayou's 2D shooting game "Breaking Academy 2" developed.
    2016, the 3D action game "Break 3" was launched.
    2017, Mihayou submitted an application for A -share listing to the CSRC. In the same year, the number of "Breaking Academy 2" account exceeded 44 million.
    On February 14, 2022, Hoyoverse, a new brand of Mihayou, was officially announced. The brand aims to create and provide an immersive virtual world experience for global players through various entertainment services.

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