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  1. Basically, it can be seen. For example, mainstream ones such as ETH and XRP are all digital currency exchanges, and a small part of the cottage coins may be listed on Huoban instead of listed on Binance
    R n1. China Post Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a state -owned full -owned life insurance company jointly established by China Post Group Corporation and the provincial (autonomous region, municipal) postal company. The company is headquartered in Beijing, China. It was established by the China Insurance Supervision and Administration Commission on August 4, 2009. It was registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on August 18, 2009. The scope of business is: life insurance, health insurance, accidental injury insurance and other types of personal insurance businesses; reinsurance business of the above businesses; insurance funds used by national laws and regulations; other businesses approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.
    3, China Post Life's strategic positioning is: fully relying on the advantages of the existing network and resource of postal, with the responsibility of "serving the grassroots, serving the agriculture and rural areas", adhere to the principle of professionalism and characteristics, and implement The development strategy of wide coverage and high output "takes small insurance as the starting point to promote the balanced development of the urban and rural insurance industry as the focus, and make every effort to create a systematic modernization, popularization, and standardization of management. New efficient commercial insurance company.
    4. The future development of China Post Life will fully rely on the unique resource advantages of postal. It is understood that there are 57,000 nationwide service outlets in China, including more than 40,000 outlets below the county and county, more than 240,000 postal agricultural service stations, and more than 140,000 postal delivery teams. At the same time Business experience, in 2008, the postal insurance premiums of the postal agency insurance business reached 80.9 billion yuan, ranking first among the postal agency channels. And according to the survey, the postal office insurance has a long history at home and abroad. Around 1935, the postal department at that time had opened a simple insurance business. At present, the development of the simplicity insurance business in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan is very successful.

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