Penang consumption in Malaysia

My husband is going to Penang because of his work mobilization, but I know nothing about Penang. I don't know what the local consumption level is compared with Xiamen? Is the public security situation not good? Is the revenue of 10,000 MINA calcula a month?

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  1. Penang is expensive for house prices and rent, and the cost of gasoline. Public transportation there is inconvenient. You have to drive yourself there, so gasoline, parking fees, and maintenance are just a stroke, nor is it Penang. This is the case in big cities.

    The public security status is not very good. If you compare it with Xiamen, you will be much worse. Be careful when walking alone on the street. Girls should not bring a handbag to the street. However, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, the largest and second largest cities in Malaysia.

    The are mostly Chinese here, so language communication is not a problem.

    Ten thousand MINA is a high -income group, which can live a very comfortable life. The monthly income of the Malaysian people is only about 3,000 yuan.

    For the time being here, if you want to know what to ask.

  2. The public order is pretty good, depending on which district you are ...
    The consumption level is medium, and it is relatively low in Beihai District, and Penang Island is relatively high ...
    It's high, the consumption here is completely enough ...

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