jewelry shopping bags wholesale What about Wang Jingze, who became popular with a phrase "Zhenxiang", now?

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4 thoughts on “jewelry shopping bags wholesale What about Wang Jingze, who became popular with a phrase "Zhenxiang", now?”

  1. real turquoise jewelry wholesale The show "Transformeter" once became popular in the north and south of the river. In this show, a boy made people impressed by a deep impression.
    The reason he became popular because of one emoticon package. The boy was called Wang Jingze. The expression package of Zhenxiang was his inadvertent work.
    Wang Jingze's family is very rich, and his parents are all businessmen, so he never lacks money from childhood to large.
    is just because his parents are too busy. He lacks his companionship and discipline, which has caused him to become unattended and unruly. He believes that money can solve everything and can do whatever he wants in a rich world.
    So after he heard that he was going to live in the countryside for a while, he had a great rejection, and he said that he would not eat a sip of rural meals.
    The was also very unconcerned about the arrangement of the program group at that time, because in his opinion, he should not come to this place at all. This is the world of poor people's life, and it is completely incompatible with him.

    But the child is still a child after all.
    From the beginning of the rejection of rural people to the gradual acceptance, and gradually incorporating their lives in the end, Wang Jingze has changed a lot.
    . He was really moved by the simplicity and kindness of rural people, and knew the hardships and difficulties of their lives, so they also knew how to cherish and gratitude.
    The boy who once said that he did not eat a rural meal, not only took the initiative to start a bowl containing rural meals, but also ate very delicious. He said that very famous word, really fragrant.
    01 Wang Jingze, who has become popular with a true fragrance, how the status quo is
    In this show, Wang Jingze changed a lot. When he saw the netizen made his scene into an expression pack, he began to use it. The popularity was broadcast live, and he loved the comics several times.
    of course, the biggest change is the attitude towards his parents. Before Wang Jingze often shouted to his parents, not enough to understand, but now he has the ability to make money, but he often takes time to accompany his parents to see the outside world outside the world. The relationship with parents has improved greatly.
    Is netizens will say that Wang Ze is a proper life winner.
    02 The benefits of making children experience
    1. Letting children know more about life
    The children like Wang Jingze are now many, especially as the family conditions are getting better and better.
    The sense of superiority of these children will become stronger and stronger. They always live in their own world and enjoy the beautiful environment created by their parents for them. Human suffering.
    Only by letting children experience more can they truly contact life, know the multi -faceted nature of life, know that there will be joy and sorrow in life, and know that there will be goodness in life and hardships.
    Mo children can truly understand life, then they will be more grounded, and they can understand the difficulty of life.

    2. It can make children more independent
    The child always grows under the protection of parents when they are young. They will rely on their parents in everything, and their parents will take care of them. very good.
    , although this is the manifestation of parents' love for children, it will deprive the children with many opportunities and ability to learn, which leads to their children's dependence on their parents stronger and stronger, because parents can solve everything for themselves.
    But when the child continues to grow, the parents can do less and less what they can do for their children. Many times, children need to face life by themselves.
    It, if the child lacks experience, it is naturally difficult for them to cope with the frustration and difficulties in life, but if the child often experiences, they will have more experiences, and naturally they can learn more skills. Have more ability.
    Only independent children can live better.
    The growth of each of us needs to pay, pay time, pay energy, and pay the price. Instead of letting children grow painful lessons as the price of growth, it is better to let them experience as soon as possible when the child is young.
    Mun children can gain something as soon as possible. This is of course beneficial to the growth of children and will give them a better life.

  2. hip hop costume jewelry wholesale In the variety show of Hunan Satellite TV's "Transformers", Wang Jingze transformed as a problem teenager, because the phrase "Zhenxiang" became popular on the Internet, and now it has become an upright youth.

  3. wedding jewelry wholesale dropship Through the show, he changed a lot, and he also lived on the live broadcast with his heat. He also held many comic exhibitions. Now he has his own small career, which is still very good.

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