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    1. Dual currency card: Although Amazon has opened the UnionPay channel payment function, it still does not support the "Tianchao Channel" for most websites, so if you apply for it, you are mainly US dollar dual currency cards.
    2. Payment channel: For the US dollar dual currency card, you will see the three signs of VISA, MASTER, (Express) above. Generally speaking, there are no differences in the first two. For speaking, the pass rate of swiping card with AE card is high. Users who recommend new application cards to apply for AE card directly.
    3. Other currencies: Although the United States is the main position of Haitao, as the yen exchange rate decreases, Japan's transfer is super fast, and Nikko has gradually become the second battlefield. Amazon is settled with pounds. For these non -US dollar direct settlement websites, although the US dollar card can be paid, it needs to pay 1.5%of the currency conversion fee. If you buy more, it is a lot of expenses. At this time Map dual currency cards, euro dual currency cards, or simply apply for a multi -currency card.
    4. Virtual card: For students who do not have a dual currency card at hand and are too lazy to apply, you can consider using Tenpay's "Virtual American Express Card" service.
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    4 Introduction to the large foreign currency credit card
    1.visa Introduction: VISA is like China UnionPay, ⅵSA International Organization is currently the world's largest credit card international organization. If you often travel or swipe your card in Asia, Australia, it is recommended that you choose VISA, because VISA has a large number of merchants accepted in Asia and Australia, which is more convenient to use. Small Raiders: Because you need to set it separately when you bind it with PayPal, it is recommended to bind to the VISA card when using PayPal.
    2. Introduction: Like VISA, these two international organizations are not much different from domestic, just like Coca -Cola and Pepsi, which one can choose to rely on their preferences. The advantage is Europe and North America. Friends who often go to this Europe and America can choose. Small Raiders: Often cooperate with the global comprehensive e -commerce platform Amazon to launch a variety of credit card preferential activities.

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