quartz for jewelry making wholesale Emerald is inlaid with "three gold", creating the most perfect "golden jade"!

quartz for jewelry making wholesale

1 thought on “quartz for jewelry making wholesale Emerald is inlaid with "three gold", creating the most perfect "golden jade"!”

  1. hindu jewelry wholesale Modern people have changed a lot about the needs and aesthetic criteria of jadeite jewelry. Inlaid jadeite has become more fashionable. The exquisite jadeite inlay process has more prominent the charm of emeralds. breath.
    , but Cuiyou who really knows will know that there are more than one "gold" used in inlaid. In order to prevent Cui friends from knowing nothing when they need to be inlaid, the Pharaoh will tell you that the jadeite inlaid is the embedded of the jadeite inlaid is whether the emerald is inlaid. The different "gold" used.
    k gold is divided into yellow, white
    K gold is divided into K platinum and K gold. Of course, one looks white and the other is yellow. Although the color is different, K gold is alloy. In gold, other metals such as silver, copper, zinc, etc. are mixed in a certain percentage to make their color, hardness, ductility and other properties changes to meet different jewelry production needs.
    M common K gold has 22K, 18K and 14K. The larger the K number, the higher the gold content in the alloy. Take 18K gold as an example. 18K gold and 18K platinum contain 75%of gold. The 18K gold label "AU750", K gold jewelry will have a "identity certificate" mark at the inner circle or connection, such as the imprint of 18K gold jewelry is "G18K" or "AU750".
    "Pure Rose Gold" is flickering!
    Sometimes I hear that this is a pure rose gold inlaid XX gemstone. Don't believe him!
    Rose gold itself is alloy, and there is no such thing as "pure rose gold" at all. Rose gold is obtained by gold and silver and copper, which is not essentially different from K platinum and K gold. The mark of rose gold jewelry is also "G18K" or "AU750".
    Platinum is platinum
    The fogged water for a while when they were sold for a while when they were sold for a while. Is it a white gold or platinum?
    Actually, people are right, these two are simply one. Platinum is platinum, and the English name is Platinum. Platinum is marked with "PT". When you buy it, you only need to recognize the "PT" mark.
    It what kind of gold is inlaid for emerald inlaid, mainly depends on the style of emeralds that need to be inlaid, and then choose the type and color of the gold according to its characteristics. The traditional jewelry shows a new vitality, revealing the retro style, and there is also a sense of fashion. The designers gave emerald more delicate beauty through their own ingenious design.

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