wholesale jewelry catalogue What are the styles of necklace pendants? Intersection

wholesale jewelry catalogue

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  1. jewelry pendant wholesale There are too many necklace pendants, and different brands will have different styles, and they are very different.
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    M common pendant necklaces can be divided into platinum diamond pendant necklace, K gold diamond pendant necklace, tourmaline pendant necklace, red stone pendant necklace, amber pendant necklace, pearl pendant necklace and crystal Pendant necklace and so on.
    The luxury brands are favored by 18K gold.
    i do 18K gold material

  2. magnetic jewelry wholesale china Platinum is 18K, generally 5.6 100, but some exaggerated styles also cost thousands, and the pendant is generally only about 400. If it is platinum, it is distinguished by PT950 and PT990. , The general necklace is 4,5 grams. I think it is more appropriate. The pendant is generally about 1 gram, so that you can count the price yourself

  3. china jade jewelry wholesale 1. Necklace. The necklace has a variety of types, including heavier chains, rings and trims. Some necklaces have a set of fixed diamonds or gems, while other necklace gems occupy the length of the entire necklace. The pendant has a small suspension or jewelry from the chain.
    2, pearl chain. The pearl chain is an essential element in female jewelry. Wearing a pearl chain lined with skirts can make the instrument elegant.
    3, single stone pendant necklace. The simple design of the single stone pendant necklace allows all the attention in a beautiful diamond, pearl or gem. These eternal jewelry can be matched with skirts or jeans.
    4, metal chain. The chain can be matched with anything. The high -grade platinum chain with the length of the collar is bright.

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