Ten highly valuable electronic components

You know what? Electronic components are what we need to touch and use every day. Nowadays, a wide variety of electronic products have become a part of our life and work, whether it is mobile phone, computer, TV, or the car we drive, are made up of thousands of different electronic components.

So what are some of the most valuable components we use? Today, xiaobian with you to understand, let's see ~

1. Resistance. As workers in the electronic industry, resistance is known to everyone. There is no doubt about its importance. It is said that "resistors are the most used component of any electronic circuit." Resistors are generally referred to as resistors in daily life. It is a current limiting element. Resistance impedes current by limiting the flow of current through the branches to which it is connected.

Lian Ke Lian introduces ten highly valuable electronic components
2. Capacitors. As the name implies, it is an 'electric container', which is a device that holds an electric charge. It is also one of the electronic components widely used in electronic equipment, widely used in the circuit of straight-through, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion, control and other aspects.

3, diode, solid-state electronic devices in the semiconductor at both ends of the device, we often use its single guide characteristics for circuit rectification. The side of the diode surface with a white edge corresponds to the negative pole of the diode. Manufacturing materials are germanium, silicon and compound semiconductor.

Ten highly valuable electronic components

4, triode, it is a current control element, that is to use a small current to control a large current. Macroscopically, it amplifies a weak signal into a larger signal, and it can also be used as a contactless switch.

5. Inductor. Inductance is a property of closed loop and a physical quantity. When the coil passes a current, a magnetic field induction is formed in the coil, which in turn generates an induced current to resist the current passing through the coil. Inductance in the circuit is usually "L" plus a number, for example: L6 refers to the inductance number 6.

Lian Ke Lian introduces ten highly valuable electronic components
6, the electron tube, it is a signal amplification of electronic components, up to now, the position of the electron tube has been basically replaced by the transistor, but in some high-fidelity speakers, special purpose in the fighter jet electron tube still has an irreplaceable position.

Field effect tube (FET). It is a semiconductor device that uses the electric field effect of the input circuit to control the current of the output circuit. Fets can be used for amplification, variable resistance, convenient constant current source, electronic switching, high input impedance very suitable for impedance conversion, etc.

8, relay, it is usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually a small current to control the operation of a large current "automatic switch". Therefore, it plays the role of automatic adjustment, safety protection and conversion circuit in the circuit.

9, sensor, it is a device, module or subsystem. Is to detect events or changes in the environment and send the information to other electronic devices, usually computer processors, used in manufacturing and machinery, aircraft and aerospace, automotive, medicine, robotics and many aspects of daily life.

10. SCR, also known as thyristor, is a high-power semiconductor device composed of three PN junctions. We often use it for rectification and frequency conversion.

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