The role of video optical transceiver in monitoring field

Video optical transceiver is the equipment that converts 1 to multi-channel analog video signals into optical signals through various codes and transmits them through optical fiber medium. As video signals are converted into optical signals through analog conversion and digital conversion technologies, video optical transceiver is divided into analog optical transceiver and digital optical transceiver. The principle of optical transceiver is to modulate signal to light and transmit video through optical fiber.

Early analog surveillance camera signals all need coaxial cable transmission, long-distance transmission is easy to interfere, if there are many monitoring points, there are many coaxial cables, the construction is difficult. After 2000, video optical transceiver began to appear. In the early stage, it was analog optical transceiver. Because analog optical transceiver could not adapt to large capacity, multi-channel crosstalk, easy aging, easy decay, poor stability and poor interchangeability, it was soon eliminated. Digital video optical transceiver has a large transmission capacity, improved the utilization rate of optical fiber broadband, improved the cost performance, improved the signal transmission quality, and entered the mature stage after 2010.


The role of video optical transceiver in monitoring field

Digital video optical transceiver is divided into pure video optical transceiver, audio and video optical transceiver and video optical transceiver with reverse data. Video optical transceiver can only transmit video signal. Audio and video optical terminal machine can transmit video signal, also can transmit audio signal; With reverse data video optical terminal machine, can transmit video signals, and can transmit a video signal transmission direction opposite to the data signal, generally RS485, mainly used for monitoring system ball machine control.

Video optical transceiver, with the popularity of optical fiber, prices, and reduce the construction difficulty, has been widely used in security systems, broadly speaking, video optical transceiver is not just pure video intercom optical transceiver, optical transceiver, reverse video data optical transceiver, in the field of security, through the optical fiber transmission over a long distance of VGA, HDMI video optical transceiver, Can be understood as video optical end machine.

Of course, with the continuous progress of technology in recent years, the video surveillance system in the field of security has been gradually replaced by network video surveillance, and the video optical terminal machine is also slowly exiting the historical stage. Now it is basically repaired and replaced in the early analog monitoring system, and the newly built monitoring system has been rarely used. No one can stop this trend, because it is the inevitable trend of scientific and technological progress.


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