What basic knowledge should be mastered if you want to purchase electronic components?

Classification of electronic components The basic components used in manufacturing or assembling electronic complete machines are called electronic components, components are independent individuals in electronic circuits.

Active component and passive component Active component refers to the active functions such as amplifying, oscillating, controlling current or energy distribution and even performing data operation and processing when energy supply is obtained.

What basic knowledge should be mastered if you want to purchase electronic components

Active components include various transistors, integrated circuits (ICS), image tubes and displays.

The passive component relative to the active component, refers to the electric signal can not be excited amplification, oscillation, etc., the response to the electric signal is passive and obedient, and the electric signal according to the original basic characteristics through the electronic component.

The most common resistors, capacitors and inductors are passive components. Active components and passive components Active components correspond to active components.

If an electronic component is operating with an internal power source, it is called an active device and requires a source of energy to perform its specific function.

Active devices also consume power themselves, and high power active devices usually have heat sinks. The counterpart of the passive element is the passive element.

Resistance, capacitance and inductance components in the circuit through the signal can complete the specified function, do not need to add an incentive power supply, so called passive components. Passive devices consume very little energy of their own or convert it to a different form of other energy.

Discrete components and integrated circuit (IC) from the physical structure, circuit function and engineering parameters, active devices can be divided into discrete components and integrated circuits. Discrete components are as opposed to integrated circuits (ics).

What basic knowledge should be mastered if you want to purchase electronic components

IC Integrated circuit (IC Integrated Circuit) is an electronic component with circuit function that interconnects transistors, resistive and capacitive components and wiring, and makes them into a small piece or several small pieces of semiconductor chip or dielectric substrate.

Discrete components refer to ordinary resistance, capacitance, transistor and other single electronic components, collectively known as discrete components.

A discrete component is a single, "smallest" component with no other functional units inside.

The passive devices in electronic systems can be divided into circuit devices and connection devices according to their functions.

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