Where is the sex doll safe?

Compared to the physical doll, the inflatable doll does not need to worry about storage problems, anyway, folded, not much more than a book, put anywhere, find a drawer to lock it.

Love Dolls focus on how to safely store physical dolls.

1, get an 80-125cm baby, this size of entity doll, directly put in the wardrobe or suitcase more than enough, more convenient.

2, get a stool that contains a function or sofa, can achieve concealed purpose already, so much the furniture that receive a function again, has the best of both worlds.


3. If the entity doll is split, it can be disassembled and directly put into the suitcase, which is convenient for storage and transfer.

4, it has to be said that, in addition to the split, one doll must not be put in the suitcase, a long time to let the doll curled up will accelerate the damage, shorten the life.

5. Avoid storing in places with too much dust. The surface of silica gel is easy to produce viscosity and static electricity, which is easy to be contaminated with dust.

6, of course, you can choose to put it flat. A lot of baby friends will choose to put it under the bed, but it seems to be unable to hide the effect.

Personal advice had better do a good job of protection, otherwise one day in the house the mouse looks at the entity doll, and then to spoil, it will cry.

7, directly get a large suitcase, one step in place, when the future moves, also can easily put his girlfriend into, easily away.

8. If you buy an anime SEC doll, you would suggest storing it separately. Confidentiality is of great importance.

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