How many kilometers can a 48v lithium battery run on a full charge?

The 48v lithium battery is a battery that uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte as the solution. This kind of battery is usually suitable for electric tools such as battery cars, so how many kilometers can a 48v lithium battery run on a full charge?

The direct core of this question is to ask how long the battery life of a fully charged 48v lithium battery is.

The endurance of the 48v lithium battery is strongly related to the capacity of the lithium battery itself and the motor power of the electric vehicle. Electric bicycles that meet national standards on the market today generally use 48v, 12Ah lithium batteries and 350W motors. Nowadays, with the development of battery technology, these electric bicycle tools can theoretically reach 50km. But the battery life is not only determined by the lithium battery capacity and motor power, but also the load capacity. If you think about it, it takes more effort to pull a 250-jin object or pull a 100-jin object.see more:batterie 48v 500ah

Those who pay attention to stronger battery life can buy 48v, 20Ah batteries. Generally, the battery life can reach 70km. Batteries like electric motorcycles generally use 72v, 22Ah lithium batteries, and their battery life can reach 90km.

How many kilometers a 48v lithium battery can run on a full charge depends on battery capacity, motor power, and load capacity. Generally speaking, a 48v, 12Ah, 350w lithium battery can run 50km. 48v, 20Ah can run 70km. 72v, 22Ah lithium battery can run 90km.

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