A few questions about hair extensions

1. Is it real hair?

Hair must be real hair, there are several ways to verify, first, pick a few with fire, there will be the smell of hair burning. Second, color, real hair color fast, especially cloud expensive girl hair. These hair is a little more expensive, but rarely hot dye, so color fast, a little hair color slowly, but if it is real hair, can certainly color. Third, make a roll. You can't make a roll if there's a fake in it.

2. Will there be dead hair?

A LOT OF PEOPLE WORRY ABOUT DOING DEAD PERSON HAIR, I WANT TO SAY, THE HAIR IS RENEWABLE RESOURCE, GENERAL GIRL LONG HAIR FAST, 35 YEARS OLD A 70 80 CM IS VERY NORMAL, THE WHOLE COUNTRY SO MANY GIRLS, CASUALLY HAIR IS ENOUGH, WHY NEED TO GO TO THE TROUBLE TO KILL PERSON HAIR, DRY DAMAGE THE THING OF Yin MORALITY. Once I've seen one game anchor, MouShi, some people should understand, stick to the end of a god, a girl asked him to pick out why scalp hair aches, how this MouShi is said to be the dead hair, I want to call him at that time, don't understand, don't blind BB, scalp painful because time is too tight on the scalp, few had her hair is not long, Suddenly added hundreds of grams of hair can not fall scalp? Scalp pain has to do with the technique, not the hair.


3. Can the hair be made into a damp color?

Many girls, in order to fashion, their hair made of colorful, light hair needs bleaching, such as grandma gray, at least three times, the hair pigment all bleaching off, and then color, make hair particularly beautiful, but girls, have you ever thought about what your hair would be like? After a week, how much has the color faded? The ends are like grass. Is that fun? Hair breaks with a gentle pull, no toughness, is that what you want? Many, many girls do after the tide color regret, leave a few years of long hair, a few days to spoil not much pity? Suggest that you want to do the tide color don't take their hair to do, with the hair to do gradient, the same fashion, not to mention don't hurt your hair ah, so want to do the tide girl think about it, want to use your hair for a few years as a bet. Say PICK DYE AGAIN, SAME WANT TO BLEACH, HURT ONESELF HAIR, HAVE ALL SORTS OF COLOR HAIR NOW, CASUALLY DO A FEW TUPLET TO GO TO THE HAIR, SAME AS PICK DYE EFFECT, DO NOT HURT ONESELF HAIR AGAIN. Don't say too much, because if you say too much, the hipster will beat you to death.

4. What kind of hair extensions do you have now?

At present, there are many kinds of hair extensions, such as crystal, film, feathers, glass, ultrasonic, 6D, and so on. These can be purchased from hair extension manufacturer. As time goes by, there will be more hair extensions. Do a quick analysis of the pros and cons. Crystal HAS NO MARK, THIS KIND OF MEANS DOES NOT HURT HIS HAIR, DO CONVENIENT, CAN TIE TALL HORSETAIL AND DO NOT SHOW TRACE, BUT, BE AFRAID OF ACHE DO NOT WANT TO CONSIDER, A LITTLE DROP, TWO OR THREE DAYS WAS USED TO GOOD. Film, the connection method is simple, do not fall scalp is not painful, but, can not tie high ponytail, tear open time is more troublesome, the hair is sticky all glue, but wash a few times it is good. ​Fathers, this kind of more comfortable, small bumps, but take time to dismantle, so it costs a lot of money. After all, now manual expensive ah. Coloured glaze is the old method. A knot in the heart, out of the natural, will eliminate a way of hair. Ultrasound, hot perm and cold perm, glue with your hair, as for unperm, it's up to you. 6 d, now a more popular hair style, the hair industry said half an hour, send three hours, fast, small bumps, comfortable, so become a barber's recommendation, because artificial expensive, fast finish do not delay others. However, knot easily, have time very troublesome, if a person is not careful, so you have to cry many would say his hair. In short, I mainly recommend crystal and film.

Now more and more girls have hair extensions. After all, long hair and waist cover a hundred ugly, long hair like a fairy.

When choosing hair extensions, we must see the craftsmanship of the master. How do we look at it? One is to see if the crystal wires are neat and smooth enough after he finishes the connection. If the crystal wires are all pressed together, it is either an apprentice or a novice. The second is to see how much hair he gives you. Everyone has different hair length, thickness, hair volume is also different. If the stylist does not look at your hair directly order volume, that is bullshit.

What level should a qualified professional hair extensions reach?

1. The crystal rope is neat and smooth when wrapped, which is the entry point.

2. Apply the appropriate amount according to the length and thickness of your hair. This is considered primary.

3. Too neat, too thick hair, hair ends to be broken, the length of different, cover the outside does not show, naturally, this is senior.

4. Each strand is neatly and evenly connected, the scalp does not hurt, the breeze will not see the marks, this is the top hair extensions. It takes about two hours.

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