A comprehensive introduction to electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers belong to garden machinery and equipment, and there are many names such as weeder, lawn mower, and lawn trimmer. The new lithium battery mower consists of blades, motors, spindles, handrails, protective covers and supporting batteries. Because of its simple operation and convenient use, it is deeply loved by the public. The electric lawn mower liberates people's hands, reduces the labor intensity of weeding work, shortens the working time, and improves the weeding efficiency. This is the fundamental reason for the popularity of electric lawn mowers.

Electric lawn mower classification

Lithium battery lawn mower

Low Noise: Suitable for home use, it will not affect nearby neighbors. For garden lawns, the mowing area is large and the mowing time is long. If the noise is too large, it will cause disturbance and even be complained.

Stable operation: matching backpack lithium battery, light and convenient, easy to operate, and small vibration. When the user is operating, it is more smooth.

Environmentally friendly: the lithium battery has strong power and stable output, and can be charged once a day. High pruning efficiency can effectively save time.

High cost performance: The supporting lithium battery has a long cycle life, which is twice that of ordinary batteries. Although the purchase unit price is high, the use cost is more cost-effective.

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Lead battery lawn mower

Low noise: Like lithium battery lawn mowers, the noise is lower than fuel lawn mowers.

High quality and low price: the unit price is low, and it is worth the money. Many users think that it is cheaper to buy a lead-acid battery lawn mower. As mentioned above, lithium battery lawn mowers are more cost-effective.Also read:Best Riding Lawn Mowers for 1 Acre


It is mainly used for court lawn trimming, community greening, municipal road maintenance, landscape greening, orchard weeding, etc. Especially in community greening, people are paying great attention to greening and environmental protection. At the same time, the lawn area is getting bigger and bigger, and the demand for electric lawn mowers is getting bigger and bigger. Among electric lawn mowers, lithium battery lawn mowers are more popular because lithium batteries perform better.


The electric lawn mower is characterized by simple operation, strong cutting ability for lawns that need to be trimmed, and is suitable for high-yield grasslands and large lawns. The lawn is neatly trimmed and beautifully shaped. Replace traditional manpower, save resources and improve efficiency. The efficiency of conventional manual weeding is low, and the lawn area is large, which requires a lot of manpower, and the cost cannot be controlled. Moreover, the effect of human pruning is uneven, and the overall aesthetics cannot be guaranteed. The emergence of electric lawn mowers solves these problems. It trims quickly and has uniform effects, avoiding the waste of human resources. One person and one machine can complete all the previous weeding work while reducing costs.

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