What food do dogs like to eat, owners need to know

Making your dog eat a healthy diet, but also love it is easier than you thought. We tell you what are the favorite foods of dogs, so you can make a meal that makes your mouth water.

Do you know if they like salty flavors, sweet ones or if they prefer bitter ones? Do not rack your brains and better follow these recommendations so that you know once and for all what your dog likes.

Favorite foods of dogs

Despite the fact that your dog’s gastronomic preferences are determined by his instinct, there is also an interference with the special characteristics of each one, that is, his personality and his eating habits.

Much of the food taste of the dog was developed in relation to the things that it has been able to experience in terms of food, with those who have had diets with more products having a more varied range of tastes.How to choose dog food

However, not all decisions will be to your liking, as this can be detrimental to the health of your pet.

Keep in mind that dogs are omnivores with a carnivore preference, and unlike cats, they will more easily accept foods other than animal protein. This is possibly the reason why they prefer salty or plain foods. A good option to start with is wet food, as this has a greater texture, smell and will more easily attract your dog’s attention.

If we talk about preference, in terms of animal protein, the dog seems to be more inclined to consume red meat than fish, therefore, if you give him a choice, he will probably prefer red meat.

According to many veterinarians, despite the fact that particular tastes influence the choice of one food or another, within their meat tastes, beef will always be prioritized, followed by pork, lamb and, finally, chicken.

Another influencing factor is the food that the caregivers eat. Therefore, dogs will be tempted to consume sweets, dairy or any other kind of food that their handler consumes. However, this does not necessarily satisfy his needs and, on the contrary, it can end up being counterproductive for him.

Regarding the consumption of fruits and vegetables, they are a little more demanding, but they seem to be attracted to those rich in fiber or that are very juicy, for example apples, bananas or carrots. This taste of dogs for wet food is also evident when they are given the choice between dry feed or wet feed, preferring the latter in most cases.

If your dog digs through the garbage or eats rotten meat (from a dead animal that he has come across during a walk, for example), it is also because, in addition to having wolves as ancestors (which are mainly hunters), they are related to coyotes, which are scavengers. Although this will depend on the facet that the dog has most developed.

The importance of smell

Smell, both in dogs and humans, is strongly linked to the sense of taste. This is not only a selection criterion, but also a protection one, since smell tells the animal if the food is in good condition or if it could be toxic.Is it okay for dogs to drink barley tea?

Dogs have about 220 million olfactory cells, therefore they have a very different experience from what we can perceive with our sense of smell. Try to make your dog’s food attractive to his nose, so he will devour what is on his plate.

Foods that dogs do not like

Contrary to their preference for salty foods, bitter flavors immediately repel them. This is the reason why it is so difficult for them to consume certain classes of medications.

Memory also has to do with the foods they don’t like, therefore, if the dog experiences some kind of negative experience when consuming something (illness, bad taste in the mouth, etc.), it is most likely that the next time they have to consume it, reject it.

Therefore, you must keep this in mind, and mix the foods that you like with those that suit you, in this way it will be much easier for you to take care of your diet and preserve your health.

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