Why chips are everywhere in our life?

Chip is closely related to people's life and plays an important role in our life. Cars, mobile phones, electrical appliances all need chips, as long as it is related to "science and technology" products, all need to use chips, in this era of more and more developed science and technology, chips are still integrated into our life.

From the essence of the chip, chip is a semiconductor and integrated circuit, with certain special functions, miniaturization of the circuit, made of semiconductor crystal. Chips are classified into system chips and memory chips according to their uses. By means of an integrated circuit, a system chip integrates a computer or specific electronic system into a single chip. Common system chips are CPU(central processing unit), GPU(image processor), DSP(digital signal processing) and Modem(Modem) and so on. Memory chips are integrated with semiconductor chips. At present, ASIC(special integrated circuit) and FPGA technology are used to realize the production of memory chips. It is worth mentioning that, with the development of technology, in the practical application of FPGA, some storage manufacturers will also expand its functions and develop a full-function chip structure based on memory chips.

Why chips are everywhere in our life?This is what people call "stuff." Chips are the brain, the heart of all electronic products, electronic devices. One might wonder, isn't that the only thing in the computer? Is the CPU a chip? That's not the case. In a computer, the CPU is indeed a chip, but it's just a class of chips, namely logic chips with computing power and logic control. There are many kinds of chips, such as WIFI, 5G, Bluetooth and other communication chips, as well as memory chips, excellent disks can not be left without memory chips, etc. The specific production process of chips includes four parts: IC design, wafer making, chip packaging and finished product testing. Each production process can be carried out separately, or there can be different OEM factories.

Chip has been integrated into our life, can be said to be everywhere. Chips need to be used in digital microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, all kinds of memory and special purpose integrated circuits "small" only chips, in order to virtually build a wisdom for us.

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