The difference between PE and PVC water supply pipe and whether it can replace iron pipe

1. PE feed pipe in PE pipe, compared with PVC feed pipe, what are the specific differences? Let's learn about it together with HDPE pipe manufacturers.

The PE feed pipe in the PE pipe is different from the PVC feed pipe. The specific differences are:

Difference one: the standard of PE water supply pipe is GB/T13663-2000, and the standard of PVC water supply pipe is GB/T10002, 1-2006.

​The difference between the two: PE pipe toughness is excellent, and PVC pipe strength is excellent. In addition, the PE feed pipe has excellent impact resistance and can be used in temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees.

9bab66d3e396465187261d5c3baf0b19Difference three: PE pipe is hot melt connection, and PVC pipe is bonded by adhesive or elastic sealing ring.

Difference four: in cost, PVC water pipe is lower, because its engineering material cost is lower.

Difference five: the sanitary performance of PE pipe is better than PVC pipe, because its additives are inferior.

Difference six: PE feed pipe can be made into coil, and PVC feed pipe can not.

2. PE pipe, can it be used instead of an ordinary iron pipe?

PE pipe, which is commonly made of polyolefin material two-color co-extrusion, and modified by irradiation, so it has the advantages of great strength, corrosion resistance and non-toxic and harmless, so it is used in the water pipe, instead of ordinary iron pipe, is extremely excellent, because it will not rust.

3. What is the specific hot-melt docking of PE pipe?

PE pipe hot melt butt. From a professional point of view, the connection interface is for the plane, is the biforma connection section with hot plate heated to viscous flow state, the hot plate removed, at the same time, apply certain pressure on the connection interface, so that cooling curing, thus, to form a firm connection.

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