The role of video optical transceiver in monitoring field

Video optical transceiver is the equipment that converts 1 to multi-channel analog video signals into optical signals through various codes and transmits them through optical fiber medium. As video signals are converted into optical signals through analog conversion and digital conversion technologies, video optical transceiver is divided into analog optical transceiver and digital optical transceiver. […]

Hall element optocoupler

Hall element is a device that applies hall effect. The so-called Hall effect was discovered by American physicist Hall in 1879. It refers to the physical phenomenon of transverse potential difference when the magnetic field acts on the carriers in the current-carrying gold conductor and semiconductor. When electric current through the metal foil, if the […]

Ten common errors encountered by hardware engineers in circuit stability design

There are not only a lot of techniques in circuit design, but also a lot of mistakes. This paper introduces ten errors in circuit stability design. Myth 1: Product failure = unreliable product Products appear problem, sometimes not r&d problems, there have been cases, geared to the needs of domestic medium above equipment developed regions, […]