I have a first prize in the jewelry store. After buying it, I feel deceived. I don’t want it. Can I refund it?

5 thoughts on “I have a first prize in the jewelry store. After buying it, I feel deceived. I don’t want it. Can I refund it?”

  1. Of course, you can refund it, but you are best to go to the shop where you buy jewelry. Generally, as long as you go to say that you don't want it, you can return the refund. These stores are also afraid of being checked by the Consumer Association or the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Below we will discuss this topic in detail, hoping to give you some reference.
    . According to the relevant regulations, it is possible to return the goods
    Is that the relevant laws and regulations of my country that the goods or services provided by the operator do not meet the quality requirements, consumers can return the goods in accordance with national regulations, parties agreed to return, or require operators Perform the obligations such as replacement and repair. If there is no state regulations and the parties agreed, consumers can return the goods within seven days from the date of receiving the goods; if the conditions for the termination of the contract after seven days, the consumer can return the goods in time. So your situation can be returned, but you buy it in Beijing, so you need to return to the place where you buy things at that time. If you are not convenient to go, send the invoices of goods and purchase of goods to friends, and let friends help you withdraw.
    . If the merchant does not give you back, you can call 12315
    . If this merchant just does not return the goods, then you can play 12315 in Beijing and use the Consumer Association to defend your rights. In fact, as long as the consumer associations or industrial and commercial bureaus are heard by general merchants, they will definitely retreat, because if they are checked by the Industry and Commerce Bureau, they use the lottery to induce customers to buy things. So you must not be afraid. Since you feel that you are deceived, things feel fake, and you don't like it, then you must go to return.
    Here, I also told everyone not to be greedy for small and cheap. The kind of jewelry counters in the mall love to get a lottery discount to attract customers to buy things. The wool is on the sheep. These products are not discounted at all. What you buy is actually its own price, but it is just a way to buy you. Don't believe that the good things that fall off the pie in the sky, you will lose a lot of money.

  2. This kind of thing is not easy to say. If it was purchased in a regular store, you can negotiate to the clerk. Now many stores have a type of sales model, which mainly uses people’s hearts. Some people have heard the prize. Coupled with the oral induction of the salesperson, it is estimated that it will shake. After buying it, calm down and feel that it may not be the case, but because it was already voluntarily purchased at the time, I still have to negotiate with the clerk to see it when I refund it. Let's retire in formal places.

  3. First of all, save relevant bills. If you feel deceived, you should cheat a lot of money? Talking about the current merchants and cheating money through various means, it is really improper to consumers' rights and interests, and they cannot completely blame them. The relevant institutions can also do something. If you do n’t do it, you can play 12306 to the Consumer Association to protect your rights. You ca n’t make villains. In this era, you do n’t need a sound legal system to restrain others. It also needs practical practitioners to use such weapons to protect your legitimate rights and interests. I hope you hope you You can defend your rights successfully and support you!

  4. First go to the store to negotiate whether to return the goods, it is best to recording mobile phones. The communication cannot be retained and then the appraisal is authentic. If it is a fake goods, use recordings and tickets to complain or hang them online. Don't enter the shop around the railway station in the future, most of them are black shops, which is also a lesson for you.

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