eva Case: Have you ever seen such a beautiful eva case?

This box looks beautiful. Have you seen it? This is produced by a well-known luggage company, and they have designed such a beautiful eva box.

1: Advantages of Eva boxes

The advantages of Eva box are mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1, high quality material 2, light weight 3, environmental protection material 4, professional design 5, strong durability 6, easy to install and disassemble 7, reliable service life 8, cost-effective 9, simple operation 10, fashion appearance 11, easy to maintain

2. Features of eva boxes

Eva box features :1. Durable: eva series boxes have strong impact resistance and can withstand greater pressure. 2. Light weight: Compared with ordinary cartons, eva cases series are more light and easy to carry, which is very suitable for long-distance travel or outdoor sports. 3, firm: because its material is strong, so installation is not easy to deformation. 4, waterproof: eva4 grade products have good water resistance, can resist the erosion of rain and moisture to a certain extent. 5, anti-theft: eva series box made of high strength steel plate, not only durable and can effectively prevent theft. 6, flexible: eva series box size is moderate, easy to place and handling.

3: Use occasions and precautions

eva boxes are a very practical item that can not only help you organize your room, increase your travel time, but also provide more convenience. However, the following points should be noted when using eva boxes: 1. If you have multiple items or furniture of the same type, it is recommended that each person keep a separate box; 2. During long trips, try to avoid putting all items in the same box, which is easy to lose or damage other items; 3. Please do not put suitcases and clothes into eva boxes, because it will cause moisture and even mildew. 4. Please avoid using eva containers to store any liquid in excess of 250ml unless you know the item is hazardous to your health.

If you want a beautiful eva box, then the espa eva made by this company is great. Not only do they look good, but they are also very powerful.

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