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  1. Introduction
    Pronunciation: biān fú, pay attention to "bat" to read biān, do not read the third sound!
    Bats from the number of species, second only to rodents. Except for the North and South Pole and some remote marine islands, there are bats in the world everywhere, and the most tropical and subtropical bats are the largest. Almost all bats are resting during the day and foraging at night. The color, fur texture and surface shape of bats are very different. The wing of the bat is evolved by the forelimb during evolution, and it is composed of the skin (wing film) connected between its slender claws. The kiss of the bat is like a rodent or a fox. The outer ears are protruding forward, very large, and the activity is very flexible. The bat has a short neck, a large chest and shoulders, and the chest is developed, while the hip and legs are slender. In addition to the wing membrane, the bat is covered with hair, and the back is densely gray, brownish yellow, brown or black, and the color of the abdomen is lighter.

    [Fox bat]

    Fox bats
    Bats are the only type of mammals that have evolved their ability to fly, with more than 900 types. Most of them also have a keen audit orientation (or echo positioning) system. Fox bats and fruit bats are completely vegetarian. Most bats are eaten in insects. Because bat prey a large number of insects, it plays an important role in the balance of insect reproduction, and may even help control the pests. Some bats also eat fruits, pollen, nectar; tropical America's blood -sucking bats are eaten by mammals and large birds. These bats sometimes spread rabies. Bats are global distribution. In tropical areas, the number of bats is extremely rich, and they will integrate large groups in people's houses and public buildings.
    The size of the bat is very different. The biggest fox wing exhibition is 1.5 meters, while the wing exhibition of Kitty's pork nose bat is only 15 cm. The color, fur texture and face of bats are also very different. The wing of the bat is evolved from the forelimb during the evolution. Except for the thumb, the forelimbs are extremely elongated, and there is a flying film connected from the ankle of the lower limb to the lower limbs from the front of the forearm and the upper arm. There are claws at the end of the thumb.
    Most bats have two layers of membranes between the legs, composed of dark bare skin. The kiss of the bat is like a rodent or a fox. The outer ears are protruding forward, usually very large, and flexible activities. Many bats also have nasal and leaves, composed of skin and connective tissues, surrounded by nostrils or above the nostrils. It is believed that the nasal and leaves affect sound and echo positioning.
    The neck of the bat; the chest and shoulders are wide, and the pectoral muscles are developed; and the hip and legs are slender. Except for the wing membrane, the bat has hair all over the body, and the back is densely gray, brownish yellow, brown or black, while the abdominal tone is lighter. Bats inhabited in the open area, with spots or mixed colors on the fur, and the colors are different. Bat feeding habits have different feeding habits, or predatory, or help to spread and spread fruits, which affects the order of nature. Vampire bats is a serious problem for humans. The feces of insects have been used as fertilizer in agriculture.
    The sexual cycle of the entire bat group is synchronized, so most of the mating activities occur within several weeks. From 6, 7 weeks to May, June. Many types of feeds move to a special breeding place after pregnancy. Bats are usually 1 to 4 babies per nest. When the child is born, it is hairless or less hairy, and often cannot be listened for a period of time. The child is taken care of by the authenticity for 5 weeks to 5 months, and it is determined by different types.
    Almost all bats rest in the day and forage at night. This habit is convenient for their fell asleep prey, and they are not harmed by other animals or high temperature sunlight. Bats usually like to inhabit places in isolation, such as caves, gaps, caves or buildings, and there are also inhabiting trees and rocks. They are always hung upside down. They generally gather into groups, from dozens to hundreds of thousands. Bats with echo positioning capabilities can produce short and high -frequency sound pulses. These sound waves reflected back when they encounter nearby objects. Bat heard the echo of reflection, which can determine the position and size of the prey and obstacles. This ability requires a close combination of high -sensitive ears and vocal centers with the auditory center. Bat individuals may also communicate with sound and pulse. A small number of bats rely on smell and vision to find food.
    , although they have wings, they look like birds. But they do not have feathers and do not have eggs. They are the cause of mammals: females produce children and are nurtured with milk.

    It certain types of bats are flying masters. They can turn around very agilely in narrow places. Bats are the only mammals that can fly winged, and other mammals such as mice. It just slipped in the air by wing leather film! At night, the bats depended on the road and prey on the sound waves. They emit the sound waves that humans can't hear. When this sound encounters an object, it will return like echo, so the bat can tell whether the object is moving or still, and how far it is. Long ears bats can prey in insects during flight, and it can also grab the insects from the leaves. Its big ears make it accept echo.
    The types of bats to eat include fruits, fish, pollen, and even blood. Most bats prey in insects while flying at night, and each bat can distinguish the sound waves they emit, which shows that even if they prey with other bats, it will not be disturbed by other sound waves.
    people often use the term "birds and beasts" to describe birds and beasts, but this statement is sometimes not necessarily correct, because some birds do not fly, such as ostrich, 鸸鹋, several dimensions, and penguins There are also some beasts that do not walk, such as whales living in the ocean, and bats will not be walking on the ground like ordinary terrestrial beasts, but they can fly in the air like birds.
    Bats are the only beasts that can really fly. Although they do not have feathers and wings like birds, they are much worse than birds, but their forelimbs are very developed. It is particularly long and supports a thin and hair layer of hair. From the end of the fingers to the soft and tough skin film between the humerus, body side, hind limbs, and tails, it forms a unique air organs -wing hand. In ancient China, there were also records about bats that they also lived in the custard cave, named Xian Rat. The bats there were longevity because they could drink water in the cave. After a thousand years, their body color also changed greatly. The dark color becomes white. I think this is why they are called fairy rats.
    The pectoral muscles of bats are very developed. The way of exercise is related. It is very good at flying, but it needs to rely on gliding when taking off, and it is difficult to fly again after falling to the ground. Put your hind legs back when flying, playing a balanced role.
    Bats generally have the habit of hibernation. The ability of metabolism during hibernation is reduced. There are only several times per minute of breathing and heartbeat. The blood flow slows down and the body temperature is reduced to consistent with the environmental temperature. The period is sometimes excreted and eaten, and it can return to normal immediately after waking up. Their reproductive power is not high, and there is a phenomenon of "delayed fertilization", that is, no fertilization occurs during mating before hibernation. Sperm passes the winter in the female reproductive tract. After the sleeping of the next spring, the mating female began to ovulation and the feminine. Fertilization, then pregnancy and childbirth.
    Bats use waves to determine whether there are obstacles ahead, and use this to change the flight road. In the past, many people said that bats have poor vision, which is actually a big misunderstanding. Recently, many scientists have pointed out that bats have different vision, and different types of bats have different vision. Bats use ultrasonic, and they do not necessarily connect with their vision.
    Bats are a specialized and very specialized in mammalization. They are named because the forelimbs are specially cleaned. It is distributed in all parts of the world except the North and South Polar and some ocean islands. The largest number. Because their appearance and the habit of night walk, they always make people feel terrible. The original meaning of the name in foreign languages ​​is the meaning of light mice, but in our country, because the word "bat" is the same as the word "blessing", it can still get people in the people that people can still get people in people. Painted its image on the year.
    The batteries have more than 900 types in the world, and there are about 81 species in my country. It is the second largest group of rodents in mammals. They can be roughly divided into two categories: large bats and small bats. Large bats are distributed in tropical and subtropical areas in the East Hemisphere. The body is large and the body structure is also primitive, including the 1 family of the Fox Bat family. Little bats are distributed in tropical and temperate areas in the east and western hemispheres. The body shape is small and the body structure is more special. Essence
    The edit food
    Bats are quite wide. Some types of love of nectar and fruits, some like to eat fish, frogs, insects, bloody animal blood, and even other bats. Generally speaking, large bats generally eat fruit or nectar, while most small bats are mainly predating insects.

    Capons with insects as the echo positioning system to varying degrees, so it is known as "living radar". With this system, they can fly and capture food in a completely dark environment, and use echo positioning under a large amount of interference to send a wave signal without affecting normal breathing. The structure of their heads and nose is called the structure of "nasal leaf". There are very complex special skin wrinkles around them. This is a strange biological wave device. High -frequency biological waves are continuously emitted. If you encounter obstacles or insects dancing, these biological waves can be reflected back, and then they are accepted by their extraordinary auricle to analyze the feedback messages in their fine brains. This kind of biological wave detection sensitivity and division are extremely high, so that they can not only judge the direction according to the echo, position their own flight routes, but also distinguish different insects or obstacles for effective avoidance or hunting. Bats rely on accurate echo positioning and extremely soft skin films to circulate freely in the air. They can even fly with dexterous curves to continuously change the direction of waves to prevent insects from interfere with its information system and take the opportunity to escape.
    , like other animals, many bats have become less and less in nature and tend to extinct. The poison and wood protective agent used to eliminate insects died when they hibernated, and many wrong ideas also caused humans to kill them in large quantities. Some types of hollow trees were cut off, the ruins were demolished or were seamlessly renovated, making it unable to survive. Bats play a very important role in maintaining the ecological balance of nature. Various insects of bats can eliminate pests such as mosquito, night moths, golden turtles, nyst worms, and can prey for more than 3,000 overnight, which is beneficial to humans. The feces gathered by bats are still good fertilizers, which are useful for agricultural production. The processed bat dung is called "Ye Mingsha" and is a type of Chinese medicine. Bats are also important objects for studying animal orientation, positioning and dormancy. The secrets of their radiation technology have not been fully figured out. Humans just know what bats can do, but still don’t know how they do it, so save those who saved those those who do it, so save those those who save those those, so save those those who save those those, so save those those who save those those, so save those those who save those those, so save those those who saved those those. The type of extinction is imperative.
    The knowledge of this paragraph
    1 There are many types of bats, about 900 species in the world. The number of bats ranks second among mammals, second only to rodents.
    2 The small bat wing of the pork nose is only 14 cm and the body is as large as a puppy.
    3 The flying speed of some bats can reach more than 50 kilometers per hour.
    4 bats can capture and distinguish 250 groups of response in 1 second. (Note: A group of sound waves once.)
    5 Since autumn, the bat has accumulated a layer of fat on the lower abdomen, and the weight of the body will become more than 1.5 times before the hibernation.
    6 Some bats can fish, and Mexican rabbit lips can capture more than 30 small fish in one night.
    7. One 20 grams of insect-eating bats can eat 1.8--3.6 kg insects a year.
    8 Bat groups consisting of 100 bats.
    In the mystery of this segment of fish eating?
    C cave in the bat cave in Xiayunling Township, Fangshan District, lives 3,000 big rats and mice. This is a type of bats unique to my country. The only type of bat.
    In 2011, it was designated as the "International Bat Year" by the UN Environmental Planning Department to promote the benefits of the bat to the ecosystem. Everyone knows that many insects are pests.
    [Big Foot Mouse Ear Bat]

    Big foot mouse ears
    It is the only bat that is confirmed to fish in Asia. The hair on the bat does not have the slightest waterproof ability. Once they are pierced into the water, they will lose their lives.
    So how does this bat fish?
    has not solved suspense in 70 years -what is the use of big foot mice and ears, what is useful for
    In 1936, Fuzhou, China.
    The curator Allen, the curator of Harvard University Museum, received a very special bat specimen: this small beast, with a pair of huge pairs of claws, twice as big as other bats, bent like other bats, curved like Hook, sharp.
    Allen named this bat "Big Foot Mouse Bat". He boldly speculated that this is a rare strange bat that fishes with double claws. According to the principle of evolution of animals: Every special organs on them will inevitably have unique functions corresponding to it. Just like a strong and powerful wings, corresponding to strong flight abilities.
    Next, Allen searched for the direct evidence of this bat to eat fish. To confirm whether the bats are eating fish, the most direct way is to find them in their intestines and stomachs to see if there are clues to fish, especially fish scales and fish bones.
    has only one specimen, and the anatomical work must be carried out with caution. After Allen took out the sticky substance from the bat body, he found that the intestine was empty and could not find useful clues. At this moment, the black shadow was faintly revealed in the stomach of the bat. Will this be the residue of the fish? As a result, the black substances in the stomach were all insects, and there was no trace of a little fish.
    In this case, Allen still insists on his speculation, thinking that the ears of the big feet mouse may eat fish. His only basis is that they are the huge paws of the fish hook. [1]?
    In the habitat environment of this paragraph ??

    Bats live in various large and small caves, gaps, ceiling, partition walls, tree holes, rocks on the mountains, rocks on the mountains, rocks of ancient buildings Among them, some of the bats of southern fruits are also hidden behind the leaves of palm and banana trees. There are thousands of bats of bats together, some bats live together, while others live separately. Many bats inhabited in the woods migrated to warm areas in winter, sometimes flying thousands of miles. The temperature of the temperature of the temperate point is usually hibernating. Bats only breed once a year. In the earlier warmth season, bats produce young children.
    If into this paragraph of medicinal value
    It can be used as a traditional Chinese medicine for chronic cough, malaria, gonorrhea, mellasty, etc. Its feces are also a traditional Chinese medicine, called Ye Mingsha, used for eye diseases.
    "Bao Puzi" said: "Chitose bats are like white snow, the set is upside down, and the brain is heavy. "After the beginning of the summer, it is dry, and the eyes are underworld, which is light and light."
    This found on the hillside of Huangjiagou, Shuanglong Town, Xixia County, Henan Province. There is a century -old bat dung with medicinal value- "Ye Mingsha" with medicinal value. The cave depth is more than 600 meters, 15 meters wide, and 40 cm in narrow. Bats in the caves are hung on the stone wall, and the feces in their discharge have accumulated nearly two meters thick, and the colors are like dark brown soil. According to reports, the bat dung has the function of clearing heat and clearing the fire, and its annual accumulation medicine value is higher. According to relevant experts, these bat dung, which has been known as "Ye Mingsha", has at least 100 years of time, and weighs about 80 tons. The long time and number of quantities are rare in the country.
    1. "Tang Bencao": Fushi, with its day, wings. "Li's Materia Medica" cloud, that is, the heavenly rat. You Yun: There are not sky rats in Xiping Mountain, November and December. The brain is the main woman noodles.
    . "Outline": Bat performance is diarrhea, and the cure cure of gold sores is all profitable, and its poison can be known.
    Edit this paragraph of bats and bionics
    Bionics (bionics) composed of words consisting of ICS with engineering technical meanings. It has not been used in about 1960. The function of creatures is much better than any artificial manufacturing machinery so far. Bionic science is a discipline that must be realized in engineering and effectively applying biological functions. For example, about information acceptance (sensory function), information transmission (nerve function), automatic control system, etc., the structure and function of this organism are greatly inspired in mechanical design. Examples of bionic learning, such as the application of the dolphin's body or skin structure (can make the body surface without turbulent flow when swimming) to the submarine design principle. Bionicism is also considered a discipline that is closely related to the theory of control, and the theory of control is mainly to compare the phenomenon of life and mechanical principles to study and interpret a discipline.
    Flies are the spreaders of bacteria, and everyone hates it. However, the wing of flies (also known as a balanced stick) is a "natural navigator", and people imitate it to make "vibration gyroscope". This instrument has now been applied to rockets and high -speed aircraft, and autonomous driving has been achieved. Fly's eyes are a "compound eye", which consists of more than 3,000 small eyes, and people imitate it into "fly -eye lens". "Flying Mirror" is combined with hundreds of or thousands of small transparent mirrors. It can be used as a "flies -eye camera" with a lens, and one hundreds of the same photos can be taken at a time. This camera has been used for printing and large circuits of electronic computers, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality. "Fly -eye lens" is a new type of optical element, which has many uses.
    Hes all kinds of strange skills in the natural world? What inspiration is given to humans? What kind of machine can humans create these skills? An emerging science that is introduced here -bionics.

    If gmake is a science that imitates the technical device of the biology construction. It is a new marginal science that only appeared in the middle of this century. The structure, function, and working principles of bionics studies biological objects, and transplanted these principles into engineering technology, inventing instruments, devices and machines with superior invention performance to create new technologies. From the birth and development of bionicism, in just a few decades, its research results have been very considerable. The advent of Bionicism has opened up a unique technological development path, that is, the road to obtaining a blueprint from the biological world. It greatly broaden people's horizons and show strong vitality.
    The bats cannot take off on the horizontal ground, and there must be a little drop. Bat navigation capabilities are not limited to echo positioning. It has a magnetic "compass" navigation function in the body. It can accurately return the habitat from thousands of miles away according to the earth magnetic field. Earlier, it is well known that bats are the famous "Night Wallet". Although its vision is very poor, it has an extraordinary echo positioning method and can still navigate for food in darkness.
    The biologist, Richard Holland, biologist at Princeton University in New Jersey, found that when the bat is in the artificial magnetic field environment, it will interfere with the original correct direction of the bat and make the bat a "astray". This study is the first time that scientists have revealed that bats have magnetic navigation capabilities and help to further enhance scientists' awareness of bat navigation flight.
    The bats that are good at flying at night have a unique echo positioning. By making a high audio sound and judging the orientation of the object according to the echo, this ability can help the bat to accurately determine the location of the prey and effectively bypass the tree, and effectively bypass the tree, and effectively bypass the trees, and effectively bypass the trees. Buildings, etc. According to this theory, the echo positioning function of bats can be eased in close flight, but for long -distance flight, bats with very poor vision seem to have nothing to do.
    At present, this study of Holland has overturned this error view. He pointed out that bats have magnetic sexy ability and can still accurately judge the direction in the distance of thousands of miles. There are the same class of classes. In addition to the magnetic field, they also use sunset as the direction identifier. This will help adjust the "compass" in animals, and effectively divide the difference between the north and the real north direction of the magnetic field in the north and the real north. Holland said, "Through this study, we have further enhanced our interest in bats in bats. Originally, we thought that bats only had a longest flight for a few miles, but in fact, they have the same thing as migratory birds and can fly to thousands of thousands of thousands of. Mile. "
    In the research experiment, Holland led the research team to assemble a miniature radio transmitter on the big brown bat body, and then released from their habitat to 12 miles north. In the middle, the research team was monitored over the bat through a small aircraft. Some uncomfortable bats that were not disturbed by the artificial magnetic field were flying south based on the sunset magnetic field recognition ability, and they easily found their hometown.
    Prior to this, the research team released two bats, which are in the artificial magnetic field environment of 90 degrees and 90 degrees of adverse clockwise at the Earth's North Pole. Bats flying against 90 degrees magnetic fields are flying westward; another group of interference from the 90 -degree magnetic field by a clockwise 90 degrees has been flying eastward, but these bats that almost lost direction passed the sunset as the direction identifier and finally realized the flight. The direction is wrong, and the direction of the flight returns the habitat smoothly.
    At present, scientists know that animals in nature are mainly divided into two types of magnetic sexy positioning: one is a simple "compass" sensory function, which is based on the reaction of the magnetic mineral particles in the body and the external environment; the other The species is that some birds can accurately judge the flying direction according to the magnetic field light intensity "see" in different positions in the earth's magnetic field.
    Im biological wave positioning in this paragraph
    The ability of bats to distinguish the sound is very high, and the ears have a structure of biological wave positioning. Bat is the only mammal that can really fly, which is very suitable for living in darkness. Its eyes almost do not work. By emission biological waves and distinguish the echo of their reflection. When flying, a biological wave that humans cannot hear are sent by mouth and nose, and they will rebound back after encountering insects. After the bat is received with ears, the specific location of the prey will be known, so as to catch it. It can hear the sound audio up to 300 kg/s, while humans are generally less than 14 kgm/second.
    The editor's famous "Spalali's Bat Experiment"
    One night in the summer of 1793, Italian scientist Spalali walked out of the house and released a few experiments in the cage for experiments. bat. I saw the bats with a thin film, flying lightly to the night sky, and made a free "squeak" .. Spalali saw this and felt puzzled, because she was flying the bat by the bat. Before, he had blinded the bat of the bat with a small needle. "How can the blind bat fly so agile?" He was determined to solve the mystery.
    Prior to this experiment, Sparaley always believed that the reason why bats can fly freely in the night sky and can dexterize various obstacles under the dark conditions to capture the flyworms, It must be due to a pair of very keen eyes. The reason why he had to blind the eyes of the bat is to prove this. The facts are completely unexpected.
    The unexpected situation inspired his curiosity. "Without eyes, what does the bat relied on to distinguish the obstacles and capture food?" So, he blocked the bat nose and put it out. As a result, the bat was still easy to fly easily. "Will the mystery be on the wings?" Sipalaley painted a layer of paint on the bat of bats this time. However, this did not affect their flight at all.
    Finally, Spala yi stuffed the ears of the bat again .. This time, the bat that flew to the sky hit the west and fell quickly. Spalapril made it clear that it turned out that the bat was determined by hearing to determine the direction and captured the target. A total of four experiments were performed.
    The new discovery of Spalati caused people to vibrate. Since then, many scientists have further studied this topic. In the end, people finally made it clear that bats were navigated at night with "biological waves". Its throat emits a high -frequency sound wave that can hear more than human ears. This kind of sound wave spreads along the straight line. As soon as it encounters an object, it returns quickly. It can make accurate judgments and guide them to fly.
    Bats are good at flying in the air and can be used as a variety of "stunt flights" such as circular turns, rapid braking and fast transformation flight speeds. Bats are hidden in the gaps of rock points, tree holes or eaves; at dusk and night, flying in the air, mosquito, flies, moths and other insects. Bat prey on a large number of pests is beneficial to people and should be protected.
    In the summer, the female bat has a relatively complete larvae. The newborn larvae are full of fluff, and the paws are firmly hung on the mother's chest to suck milk, and they will not fall when they fly.
    The bat is used to fly the two wings. The structure of the wings is different from the bird wings. The second, third, fourth, and five fingers of the forelimbs are particularly long and suitable for supporting the skin film. The first finger is small, grows outside the skin film, and has a cord with her fingers. The hind limbs are short, the feet are extended out of the skin, there are five toes, and the toe end has hook claws. When resting, you often use your feet to pour your body in the cave or under the eaves. When crawling on the tree or on the ground, rely on the first fingers and feet to grab the rough objects. The bone of the bat is very light, and the sternum also has a protruding protrusion similar to the bird's keel.
    The mouth of the bat is very wide, with small and sharp teeth in the mouth, which is suitable for predating flying worms. Its vision is weak, but the hearing and touch are very sensitive. Some experiments have proved that bats are mainly discovered by hearing. When the bat is flying, the throat can produce biological waves, and biological waves are launched through the oral cavity. When biological waves are reflected by insects or obstacles, the bat can be accepted with the ears and can determine whether the detection target is insect or obstacle, and how far it is. People usually call the detection goals of bats called "echo positioning". The signal of the bat in the food, direction and flight is composed of biopophopotatin with similar language phonetic. Bat must determine what action to take the next step after receiving the echo and analyzing the sound characteristics of the echo, frequency, and signal interval.
    The batteries with echo ranging and positioning only emit only a simple sound signal. This signal is usually composed of one or two phonetics repeatedly appeared in accordance with a certain rule. When bats are flying, the signal sent by the object is bounced back, forming an echo with different sound characteristics depending on the nature of the object. Baties then determine the nature and location of the object after analyzing the frequency of echo, sound and sound interval.
    The different parts of the bat brain can intercept the different components of the echo signal. Some neurons in the bat of the bat are sensitive to the frequency of echo, while others are sensitive to the time interval between the two continuous sounds. The joint collaboration of each part of the brain enables the bat to make a judgment of the characteristics of the reflex object. Bat uses echo to locate the flexibility and accuracy of insects, which is very amazing. According to statistics, bats can capture a insect in a few seconds, and a dozen insects can be captured in one minute. At the same time, bats also have amazing anti -interference ability, which can detect a special sound from the messy echo full of noise, and then quickly analyze and identify this sound to distinguish whether the object that reflects the sound waves is insects or stones. , Or more accurately decide whether to eat insects or insects.
    When 20,000 bats live in the same cave, they will not interfere with each other because of too many biological waves in the space. The accuracy and anti -interference ability of bats of bats have important reference value for people's research to improve the sensitivity and anti -interference ability of radar.
    The symbolic significance of this paragraph
    bats (mammalian; also known as fairy rats, flying mice.) shapes like mice, the front and rear limbs are connected to the body, flying at night, and prey for mosquito ants and other small insects.

    "Changqing Collection" fifteenth "Jingqiu" poem: "The curtain breaks the fire! "Homing, people show blessings with bats, Fulu Shouxi and other auspiciousness. Five bats are painted in folk painting, which means "Five Blessings".
    Setically, the silk brocade is often used as a pattern. Marriage and birthday, such as velvet flowers (such as "five bats", etc., such as "five bats", etc., and some costumes and utensils are also commonly used in bats.
    Feng Menglong "Xiaofu. Bat riding wall ":" Phoenix life, hundreds of birds, but bats. "It said that he was not a bird but a four -legged animal. Later, it was Kirin's turn to celebrate his birthday, and the hundred beasts came to congratulate, and the bats were less than. This time it said that it can fly with wings, it is birds or beasts. This joke, ironic bat is a sliding -headed wall.
    The Jingpo in Yunnan Province generally believes that bats are the symbol of insidious and slippery. According to legend, the temperature of the sun was very high in ancient times, and the animals on the ground were baked intolerable and cursed. The sun was very angry, and when he turned his head, he went to the sky. Since then, the world is dark. So the animals gathered together and agreed to raise some gold and silver to invite the sun. When the bird raised funds to the bat, the bat put away his wings, saying that he was not a bird and a rat, and was unwilling to donate. When the mouse found it, it patted its wings again, saying that it belongs to a bird or a rat. No donation. The bat was not donated in this way. Therefore, the Jingpo people claim that those mouths are wrong, randomly respond to, and a set of people behind them are "Batman".
    In the culture of Huaxia, bats are definitely a symbol of "blessing". This can be seen in many ancient buildings, as well as brick carvings, and there are almost everywhere in stone carvings. Needless to say. But if people call people as bats, there is no auspicious meaning in it, and the legend above has been clearly explained.

  2. Bats are the only type of mammals that have evolved their ability to fly. There are more than 900 types. Most of them also have a keen audit orientation (or echo positioning) system. Most bats are eaten in insects. Because bat prey a large number of insects, it plays an important role in the balance of insect reproduction, and may even help control the pests.

  3. Bat is the general term of the winged animal animals. The winged eyes are the second largest group of mammals after rodent animals. There are 962 species of 19 subjects of 19 subjects. All over the world. Bats mainly rely on echo to distinguish objects. There are some types of facial facial evolution to specially increase the structure of Na Na receiving, such as nasal leaves, folds and complex ears on the face.

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