5 thoughts on “Why do telemarketing often recruit people”

  1. According to experience, it is usually caused by the following reasons:
    The telemarketing industry is high, and the psychological pressure and work intensity are relatively large, resulting in a large loss rate;
    The electricity sales in all sales in all sales The operating costs in the type are relatively low, so the number of employees that companies usually need to be large;
    because of the large amount of enterprise demand and the high loss rate. In order to recruit personnel who are appropriate in time Enterprises usually reduce the threshold for recruitment; because the threshold has decreased, the overall quality of applicants has decreased, resulting in low -quality new employees with no ability to achieve high performance when they first entered the enterprise. The vicious cycle of personnel loss;
    due to the above reasons, the entire electrical sales industry is difficult to recruit people, so the industry has continuously expanded the scale of recruitment within the industry, recruits all year round, and even digs each other. The false and prosperity of the false and prosperity of "not staying here, and have their own grandfather" further exacerbate the turbulence of the personnel.
    Finally, this kind of perennial recruitment and low entry threshold in the electrical sales industry also caused a hint of "electrical sales is a career that is not tall enough", which made many graduates of 90 and 95 post -95 graduates. Unwilling to enter.
    above for reference.

  2. The electrical sales industry is often recruited, mainly because of the strong liquidity of telephone sales staff. In the final analysis, it is still because of high pressure and difficult performance.
    Because the base salary of this position is very low, it is mainly to get a quotation, and the good income is very high, but all things in the world follow the law of two or eight. The other 80%of the other electrical sales personnel because of their low salary and high pressure, and job -jumping is like a common home.
    , with the development of artificial intelligence, this phenomenon is estimated to end soon, because telephone robots have come out! Lingsheng Robot is a typical representative of the telephone robot. In the future, the electricity salesperson only needs to focus on the intention of the customers. You do n’t have to waste time and energy on the useless telephone. The boring work can be handed over to the robot.
    If maybe there will be no electricity sales position in the future

  3. Sales are very good, but good sales are very difficult to find.
    often led the road a little, and then jumped again, which is a very troublesome thing for the company.
    The cost of manpower and material resources is too high.
    Then the artificial intelligence phone sales robot was breeded, that is, like a real person, judging the other party's intentions by calling, and given the corresponding answer according to the other party's questions.
    skyline intelligent electricity sales robot is good.
    The companies have been used since last year (note: many homes) save money, save time, effort, and the effect is still great.
    In fact, most of the people received by many people are made by robots.
    The difference is that some calls can be heard by robots, but some cannot hear it.
    Because the current artificial intelligence has developed to the point where it can be "falsely false", the machine can answer the answer, and the tone is sweet and gentle than humans. You can talk to you.
    It will not have a bad temper, and the embarrassing situation of the two sides of the two sides.
    The robot can call 100 calls every day, and it can automatically distinguish the potential customer's intention level. It is a second thing to organize data or something, which is convenient and fast.
    But the price is 1/4 of the manual, so more and more companies have handed over the positions of electricity or customer service to robots.
    It, unlike the physical robot of the sweeping plate, the robots engaged in electrical sales are all relying on voice recognition technology to build a system.
    The above is from the perspective of the enterprise.
    So from the customer's perspective, does it mean that there will be more harassment calls in the future?
    The most important purpose of the channel for telephone sales is to initially screen the intention of customers.
    Wose a company when there is a company that needs to develop new customers, and the sales staff must find a way. You ca n’t go to the street to see someone to talk about? It will be beaten like that.
    So most of them adopted the channel of telephone sales. In order to perform performance, some salesperson called the customer all day long.
    The telemarketing robot is very handsome. When the first call, if the other party clearly states that it is not needed, that's good, and will never harass you anymore.
    and then go to the next one, it's so simply. He knew that it was not long -lasting for strong buying and sale, but it was easy to stink.
    Therefore, for enterprises, electrical sales robots can maximize efficiency and the highest cost performance.
    For customers, simple and fast is not annoying, and the two are beautiful.

  4. Because the electricity sales are very good now, but now that the electricity sales industry has encountered a very distressed thing, is it that the high frequency is high frequency? It is too serious to call out the card. There is a high probability of being blocked by more than 50 calls every day.
    It the solution of high -frequency calling out of the card can be converted to the call by returning the call line conversion to answer the call, and the main call is called. There is no problem with the number of customers' numbers of business itself. The customer call back and WeChat has completely avoided the high -frequency calling card to double your business.

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