What is the meaning and use of LED lights?

What is the meaning and use of LED lights?

LED lamp is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, the following is the role of LED benefits:

1, good durability: LED components have simple structure, impact resistance, shock resistance is very good, not broken, can well adapt to various environments.

2, energy saving, low cost: in the car, the same daytime running lights, LED components of energy consumption is only halogen lamp 1\u002F20.


The cost of LED components has also come down significantly over the years, and both cost and price are still dropping by more than 20% per year, as are the latest models of the Addressable LED Strip

3, fast response speed: LED lighting only needs microsecond level, used in the taillight and turn signal can quickly light up to achieve better warning effect, used in the headlamp, compared with xenon lamp and halogen headlamp, has a higher response speed, for driving safety has a better guarantee.

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