5 thoughts on “So far, what are you buying the most failed?”

  1. If you think about it, it should be a vase.
    The year when we married my husband, we went to Taiwan to travel because we were worried that there would be obstacles to language communication, so we chose to travel with the group.
    The advantage of the group tour is to save money and worry. The biggest hidden danger is invisible consumption. You always be conscious or unconsciously being clearly guided by the tour guide to consume.
    It seems to be in Taitung or in Hualien. We are visiting a marble processing factory, and then I saw many crafts. At that time, I was attracted by a vase. It is the kind of small bottle that can be inserted on the desktop. It costs more than 9,000 Taiwan dollars, which is equivalent to RMB 1,800.
    It is quite luxurious now. A vase of nearly 2,000 yuan is also a luxury in my life. At that time, I would choose to buy it, but I just thought about what I liked, so I bought it so that I did not regret it. The mainland and Taiwan are so far, I can't run another trip to a vase. If you miss the good things, you will not be cherished.
    So far, I have not regretted buying this vase. I still think it is a kind of award for my heart and an affirmation of my taste.
    . My usual life is not frugal, but I can’t talk about waste. I rarely spend two thousand yuan to buy a bag, and I rarely spend two thousand yuan to buy a set of cosmetics, but I am willing to spend two two. Thousands of pieces to buy a vase, a vase I like very much, can be regarded as a vase that is in love at first sight. Maybe this is the true love in the legend.
    So I look at my short 30 -year life. So far, the most expensive luxury goods should be this vase.

  2. So far, the most expensive thing I have bought is my mobile phone. A Meizu latest version of the mobile phone has a price of about 2,000. Because I was born in the countryside, it is also a luxurious thing to buy a mobile phone more than 2,000 yuan, but it is still painful!
    The when I first went to college, I started to play with my classmates again, because my original mobile phone was like a brick, I couldn't take pictures. Sending information is also a very luxurious thing. Sometimes calling is also black screen. Anyway, all kinds of problems have basically appeared. So I really can't bear it anymore. I don't think I need to bear it anymore. I want to take out a large part of my living expenses to buy a better mobile phone, so I don't care if there is any food in the future. Anyway Buy your mobile phone first!
    It at that time I wanted to buy a mobile phone with a high camera pixel. At that time, I was not very familiar with the mobile phone, but I heard that there was a mobile phone pixel of Meizu more than 20 million. So I bought it. This phone is MX4 Pro, with a pixel of 207 million pixels. I feel very good. I tried it myself when I bought it. The blackboard characters more than ten meters away can be seen in the photos very clearly.
    As soon as this phone arrived, the first idea was to throw away the previous bricks and never want to see it anymore. This brick was given to me by others. At that time, it felt that it was too bad, but at that time I had no money! Can only be used for me!
    Except for this mobile phone, basically the things I buy will not exceed more than one hundred yuan. The clothes and shoes are all ten or twenty dollars. More than ten years. I am used to it. When I went to college, my classmates in the dormitory were wearing brand clothes and felt very shabby. Therefore, there is a part of the reason for buying such a expensive mobile phone.

  3. The most failed thing I have bought so far is a mobile phone, not because the quality of this phone is just genuine, but I bought it after being deceived by my classmates, that is, I was deceived, so this is me I bought the most failed things in my life.
    After this time, my family felt that I would still have to believe in such a sentence in the future, that is, I was bitten by a snake for ten years and I was afraid of well rope, and there was nothing good for cheap. Half a year ago, one person added me to a clone of my high school roommate. At that time, I thought she was my high school classmate. In the half month after the addition, I often saw in my deduction space often seeing in my deduction space. Some advertisements, those advertisements are that nine yuan and nine can take a mobile phone, and everything can be used, but this kind of activity is only aimed at students at school. At that time, because I was a roommate, I did not block her. At the time of the winter vacation, because my mobile phone was broken in those days, I could still use the kind. One day I saw her advertisement and I asked her if she was true. How could she lie to me? I also had this idea in my heart at that time, it was cheap and there was no good goods. Maybe it was because I loved and cheap. I went to see her space. I think many people have believed her. Several of them are still her. My classmate, my family believed it. Later, I asked her, she taught me the way, so I went to the loan step by step. The reason for the cheap mobile phone was that she asked me to loan and then hit her. But let me return it slowly in the future, which means that I will ask me to ask others to loan, so I will have salary.
    until later I found that the money of that mobile phone was the money we loan, and it was eight dollars more than the price on the market. Later, I went to her and she deleted me. Really, this is absolutely absolutely. It is the most failed thing I have bought. It has a lot of money than in the market, and I have to pay back fees and interest. In the future, if you come out of the society, you must be careful. You cannot easily believe that people other than their families.

  4. 1
    The word "buy" is really amazing, money is really a good thing.
    but as a person who has not worked an adult, I am afraid that it will not really belong to your own money. Therefore, if you say "I bought it" and "the most expensive" thing, it must be It was judged within a small range.
    Obviously, the "buy" in the question refers to buying money, but if it is not bought with money, I think: I personally, the most expensive thing I buy is not [ Continue to study in college]. For this word, it is obviously very likely. Behind it, there will be "student loans", "diligence and frugality", "part -time college student", "campus sending water brothers", "campus takeaway brothers", "student assistance", "summer vacation", "summer vacation" A series of nouns are supported by Gong. The surrounds of these nouns form a "me" image. Therefore, I am one of the same kinds of these nouns. So far, the most expensive thing I have bought is [the opportunity to continue to study in college].
    . Compared to those who can't go to college or family who are not able to go to college, I am lucky, so I also cherish my college life very much. The university's life can be described as beautiful, fulfilling, rhythmic, but there must be some suffering. For example, I am mostly a "solitary man" in college. One person gets up early, one person gets up early to eat breakfast, a person strives to enrich myself, and one person does high value. Therefore, although the process is lonely, it is also beautiful.
    In fact, if you can be regarded as "buy" in addition to money, some hidden costs such as time, human sentiment, happiness, choice, etc., then it is really the most expensive word.
    I is nine tails, a crazy man in reality, a fool in emotion, welcome to pay attention to my personal public account: Nine Tail 1997.

  5. To say what I buy, the most expensive is definitely the tickets for Mayday. More than a thousand yuan, the eyes do not blink when paying. It was a semester of money, and I couldn't bear to eat more than ten dollars in a meal on weekdays. In my heart, what cosmetics skin care products, good -looking clothes, bags and shoes, I can do it, I just want to watch the Mayian concert.
    Perhaps my star chasing is crazy? But because it was Mayday, I felt worth it. Of course, I won't take my parents' money to chase the stars. All the costs depend on my own. I did not tell them that I went to the concert. A few days ago in Nanjing, I used to go back to school and conceal my parents to Nanjing alone.
    The truthful, the concert was just three hours, plus the expenses of the back and forth, and the cost of eating and accommodation. It took me nearly two months of living expenses. But I don't feel distressed at all, maybe because the more it is not easy, the more precious. The Mayian concert, watch a few less. I waited for 6 years before I was able to come to the concert by myself. Last year's Shanghai field, coupled with the Nanjing field this year, I have only watched two games so far. But their debut has been 20th anniversary, and I missed how many times they tours. So as long as I have a chance, I say I have to see anything.
    but now I am just a student, there is no shortage of time, just lack of money ... Don't say that you buy something valuable, I am very picky for myself ... because this tour is still Without the end, I had to save money to see the next game, and I couldn't miss anything again. Because Mayday is my belief, I go to see the unchanged faith in my life.

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