1 thought on “What does the stock market black swan mean?”

  1. The black swan of the stock market usually refers to events that are difficult to predict in the stock market with conventional means, which will cause the market chain to have negative reactions or even subvert the impact. Because it is unpredictable, investors cannot predict major rare incidents in the future through the previous performance of a stock.
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    The stock market refers to the stock market. The stock market refers to the place where the stock transfer, trading and circulation of stock transfer, trading and circulation, including the exchanges and the overseas trading market. It is based on the distribution market, also known as the secondary market.
    The shares are ownership certificates issued by the joint -stock company. It is a kind of securities issued to various shareholders as a shareholding certificate to raise funds to raise funds and obtain dividends and dividends. Stocks are the main long -term credit tools of the capital market. They can be transferred and traded. Shareholders can share the company's profits by virtue of it, but they must also bear the risks brought by the company's operation errors.
    . It is a share certificate issued by the company when raising the capital to the investor, which represents the ownership of its holder (that is, shareholders) to the joint -stock company. Growth and development.
    The ownership is a comprehensive right, such as participating in shareholders' meetings, voting voting, participating in the company's major decisions, collecting dividends or sharing dividends, but also shall jointly bear the risks brought by the company's operation errors. Get regular income is one of the important reasons for investors to buy stocks. Dividends are the main sources of stock investors' recurring income.
    After buying stocks, the stock price fell, that is, the current price of the stock is lower than the cost price, so the investor account is losing money. Stop loss is to prevent the stock from continuing to fall in a greater loss, so the stock sells the stock in time. This is the meaning of timely stop loss.
    The main purpose of investment is profitable, but any investment has risks and does not exist in a profit. Therefore, investors need to maintain rationality, not to be too greedy for high expected income, and stop loss when they see that the form is wrong.
    The stop loss point can be used as a reference with support or pressure level, that is, to build a position at the support level and fall below the support level, stop loss. The common supporting levels are:
    . The historical low, gap, and important moving average of the previous period. For example, the stock price falls below the 60 -day moving average or half -year line, which may still be accelerating, so it is reflected in selling.
    . The high of the previous stock. For example: M head form, if the investor just bought at the first high, a small anti -pumping form appeared after the stock price fell. And the signal is strong.

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