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  1. wholesale jewelry companies in usa Enter Questions at the input box
    This on the top of each page. You can see the question input box of “I want to ask questions”, and enter your question in the question input box.
    . For example, enter “Which foods should not be stored in the refrigerator?”, and click “I want to ask”
    fill in the question details and reward
    Next, you enter a question details of the questioning page, in the details Here you can further process your questions:
    a: Detailed explanation Question:
    It you can describe the problems you encountered in detail to get the best and most targeted answers from netizens.
    . For example, “anti -virus software did not send a warning saying that I had poisoned, and I couldn’t find any poison, and I didn’t open a lot of procedures, but what was the reason for today. What is the reason?”
    b: Set the problem classification
    Please remember to choose the most appropriate classification for your questions, because only in this way can your question be answered correctly in the first time.
    Can our system will automatically analyze and classify your questions, but it is likely that you are not satisfied with our classification. You can modify the existing classification here.
    c: Set the reward point
    Set the reward score to allow your questions to get more attention. Of course, the higher the reward score, the higher the attention.
    Please pay attention to set up a reward score. The reward score will be deducted from your points, and the answer to the best answer after you select the best answer.
    d: Set anonymous
    When some questions belong to your personal privacy, you can set anonymous questions. In this way, your username will not appear on the problem page, and it will be ” The word “anonymous”.
    e: Click the “Submitting Question” button at the bottom of the page. OK, your problem is successfully submitted.
    Please note that your question should not violate the content of “Know the Agreement”, otherwise the question will be deleted by the editor and deducted 20 points,
    waiting to be answered
    . Answer your questions.
    Chat your questions, you can have the following ways:
    1. View the “My Question” in the personal center. This is a more convenient and fast method
    2. Browse search
    3. Enter your questioning title at the search box at the top of the page and search. A: When you browse the question page, you can directly answer;
    Pet on a question, you can only answer it once; before the problem is transferred to the solution state, you can modify your answer
    b: If your The content of the content refers to other books, web pages and other articles, please be sure to indicate the source; if there are disputes such as intellectual property rights, the respondent should bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.
    The view of your answer is as follows:
    1. View the “My answer” in the personal center. This is a more convenient and fast method
    2. Browse the search
    3. Enter the title of the question you answered at the top of the page, or the keywords contained in your answer. Otherwise, the answer will be deleted and deducted for 10 points.
    I answers the questions of others every day. You can add up to 20 points without being adopted, that is, the first 10 answers, each plus 2 points. If your answer is accepted, you can also get 20 points for system rewards, and the reward of the questioner, this point is not limited. When the problem requires maps to help instructions, you can choose to insert the map function.
    1. After logging in to the account, click the inserted map entrance under the answer box, that is, the floating layer window of the map pops up.
    2. Search for the location and route you need in the pop -up map. Please refer to Baidu Map Search and get started.
    3. After the map search, you can click “Insert the Map” to insert the current map results into your answer. If you want to insert the line or address text on the right at the same time, you only need to check the “Insert Line Text” when inserting the map.
    Please note:
    1. The user can insert the map after logging in.
    2. If the inserted map is not related to the content you submitted or the corresponding question, the answer will be deleted. The picture insertion step is:
    Step 1: Prepare pictures
    . Before inserting the picture, you need to prepare the picture on your computer. If it is a picture on the Internet, you need to save the picture on the computer first.
    The operation to move the mouse to the picture, right -click the mouse, select “Image Save as”, please remember the storage path of the picture.
    Step 2: Upload the picture
    After the picture is ready, click the question page or answer the “Upload Image” link on the question, click “Browse” in the pop -up small window, click “OK” after selecting the picture, You can complete the upload of the picture.
    Please note:
    1. Users can insert pictures after logging in after logging in.
    2. You can only upload pictures in local computers. For pictures on the Internet Upload again.
    3. The picture format that can be uploaded will be limited to JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP, with a maximum of 3M.
    4. In order to ensure the display effect of the picture on the page, Baidu knows that the picture will automatically compress the picture, so please try to choose a picture with similar length and width.
    5. If the picture is not related to the content you submitted, it will be deleted. After asking questions, please remember to deal with your question within 15 days, otherwise the enthusiastic netizens who answered your question as a punishment, we will deduct your 20 points. One of your most satisfactory answers is the best answer, end questions;
    1) The answer adopted by you is selected as the question; at this time Knowledge;
    2) The accepted respondents can get 20 -point system rewards and the points you go out.
    3) When you adopt answers, you can comment on the answer. When you want to express more thanks to the respondent, you can add rewards.
    2. Question supplement: You can add details to your questions to get more accurate answers; you can add up to 7 times.
    3. Improve rewards: increase rewards to increase the attention of the problem, at this time:
    1) The system automatically extend the validity period of the problem for 3 days;
    2) If you add 20 points to a reward of 20 points or more at a time (Including 20 points), the system will display the problem in the list of “to be solved” in the classification of the classification, similar to the newly raised issues.
    4. Hold a vote: When you do n’t know which answer is the best, you can vote for the best answer.
    It 2-3 candidate answers, vote automatically after the conditions are reached,
    1) If the total number of votes is more than 4 votes (including 4 votes), and the highest number of votes is more than the number of votes than the number of votes than 3 votes (including 3 votes), and at the same time the voting cycle reaches 1 day (24 hours), then the system automatically selects the most number of votes as the correct answer.
    2) If the total number of votes is less than 4 votes, the problem will be automatically closed.
    3) The rules of the “View Voting Results” page of the voting page of the expired voting pages expired are: the answers to the number of votes at least 1 vote; up to 10 answers with the most votes and the most votes The number of votes.
    5. No satisfactory answer: When you don’t feel satisfactory to answer, you can also end the question directly and close the question.
    We remind you to pay attention that if you choose the “unsatisfactory answer” operation, for the consideration of protecting the interests of the respondent, the reward score of the problem will no longer be returned.
    If the loss of your points, we want to get your understanding. 1. If the questioner does not deal with the problem within 15 days (select the best answer, the valid time of improving the extension of the reward, setting voting and choosing no satisfactory answer), and the answer to this question is less than equal to three and the longest answer does not exceed more than more 30 words, the problem will expire and be automatically closed by the system.
    2. If the questioner chooses to enter the voting process, the number of votes after 5 days is less than 4 votes, the problem will be automatically closed by the system.
    3. If the questioner has no satisfactory answer to a question, the problem is automatically closed by the system. 1. If the questioner does not deal with your question within 15 days (select the best answer, the valid time of improving the extension of the reward, setting voting and choosing no satisfactory answer), and this question has one or more answers, which does not meet automatic automatic automatic answers, which does not meet automatic automatic automatic answers, and it will not meet automatic automatic automatic answers, and it will not meet automatic automatic automatic answers, which will not satisfy automatic automatic automatic answers and will not satisfy automatic automatic automatic. Close conditions, the problem will expire. For 2 or more answers, it will automatically transfer to voting. For the expiration questions with only one answer, it will automatically enter the “resolved” state.
    2. When the question is transferred to the voting, the questioner will be deducted by 20 points, and the questioner 10 points are returned when the best answer is selected. If the voting fails to select the best answer, the expired question still needs to be dealt with.
    3. Under the “My Question” of the questioner’s personal center, these answers will be listed separately. To.
    4. Every time you deal with an expiration problem, you can get 10 points returned by the system.
    5. As long as you still have an expiry problem, you cannot make new questions at “Knowing”. 1. If you want to subscribe to the answer on “Knowing”, please understand RSS subscription
    2. If you want to show “know” on your own website, please get the free code. The integration system in “Knowing” is divided into two parts: empirical value and wealth value. You will pay for wealth, and you will also obtain experience and wealth value. With the increase of experience values, you can also advance and get higher titles.
    The experience value reflects the contribution of users in knowing, and also determines the level that the user is knowing.
    The operations that users know about obtaining experience include login, answering, and answering being adopted and voted. Log in to log in once a day and add 2 points, and log in again; there is no upper limit to the number of answers; each answer obtains experience value 2, each answer is adopted by the experience value 20, and the vote gets up to 20 experience values ​​per day. In addition, if users perform outstanding performance, such as obtaining a star, they will add extra points.
    The user can obtain wealth value by knowing high -quality contributions. The answer is the main way to obtain wealth value. Each answer is adopted by the wealth value 20 rewards. In addition, users have also represented their high -quality contributions such as Knowing Star, and they can also get wealth value. Wealth value can be used for consumption, such as rewards, anonymous questions, and knowing love. For questions that do not want others to see, we can hide them in the “personal center” of “personal center”:
    1. Select the problem to hide.
    2. Click the “Hidden answer” button. After seeing the prompt “successful operation!”, the answer is hidden and successful. When clicking the user name to view “Know the answer”, the hidden answer will no longer be displayed.
    3. Click the “View Hidden Answer” link. You can view all hidden answers in the newly opened page. Answer and click “Cancel Hidden” on this page to recover them again. 1. Do not write meaningless or vague questions when asking questions or answers. Please write the title correctly for the convenience of understanding for others.
    2. Specific instructions to the question When asking or answering, the content should be written in detail. The more detailed the content of the question is, the more correct the response of others. The more detailed the answer is, the easier it is to understand.
    3. Check whether the question is repeated before the question, please search the question, or pay attention to the “related questions” list on the right side of the question page when asking questions. Essence Ask after confirming that there is no satisfactory answer.
    4. Check whether the classification of the question is correctly submitted to the question. Please confirm whether the classification is correct. The correct classification of the question can make you get a satisfactory answer faster.
    5. Timely deal with the question within 15 days after the question. If you have a satisfactory answer, you must make a choice to avoid hurting the enthusiastic answers. If there is an answer and do not deal with the problem, we will deduct your 20 points to show the punishment. See how to deal with the problem for the specific method.
    6. Learn to express thanks to all members who answered their questions. After selecting the best answers, please also give some friendly evaluations to the answers to respect the labor results of others.
    7. Please be friendly as much as possible when asking questions from the questioner to avoid the bad feelings of asking others to ask questions and forced questions. When answering, the respondent should not be underestimated or laughed at the questioner, and please answer and write correctly. With our joint efforts, “knowing” can definitely become a knowledge community full of warmth and wisdom! 1 Definition of cheating and punishment
    1) Definition of cheating
    The points through non -fair and unfair ways. The judgment of cheating, Baidu reserves the right to interpret.
    Special attention: any form of self -questioning and self -answering, brushing, transfer points, points, etc. are cheating.
    2) Penalties for cheating
    · All points obtained through non -correct behavior will be deducted.
    . Once the cheating behavior is confirmed, the login account of all related users involved in the cheating behavior will be banned as appropriate and the limited period of time will be banned.
    · All questions from the questions involved in cheating will be dealt with seriously, and those with severe circumstances will be deleted.
    2 Questions and answers, comments, documents, knowledge deletion principles and punishment methods
    1) In particular, pay special attention to the following behaviors, which will be deleted
    · meaningless questions, and will be deleted.
    example: 1 1 =?
    . Submitting questions that do not constitute the problem will be deleted.
    example: The weather is so good today.
    · The problem of friends will be deleted.
    example: If you want to find a friend to chat, add my QQ
    · find the problem, will be deleted.
    example: Find my elementary school classmate.
    · Submitted answers have no practical significance and will be deleted.
    Example: Top, Ibid, Agree to answer
    · Questions and answers with tendencies such as transactions, gifts, etc., will be deleted.
    example: Does anyone want to buy a puppy?
    · Involved in renting, questions and answers to transfer will be deleted.
    Example: Is there a house near Zhongguancun?
    · If there is obvious plagiarism on the upstairs, the answers submitted after the chronological order will be deleted.
    · The problem of internal test accounts and game accounts of online games will be deleted.
    · Some questions about minorities with discrimination and misleading questions involving ethnic minorities will be deleted.
    · If the same user uses the same answer and answer a lot of different questions, the user’s answer will be deleted.
    . Any question that specifies a netizen (exception of knowledge experts) will be deleted, except for special activities known.
    · Private server plug -in problems will be deleted.
    · Personal space address is repeatedly used as a reference or answer according to advertising.
    · Used in large quantities of knowing the link to answer according to irrigation.
    . There is no positive answer, leaving only QQ numbers according to irrigation.
    · How to steal the QQ number or other privacy of others is treated according to irrigation.
    · Submit a large number of simple questions in the same type in a short time will be treated according to irrigation.
    · Corporate recruitment or personal job search issues are treated according to irrigation.
    · In a short time, a large number of questions adopt the same answer will be processed according to cheating.
    . Select meaningless answer as the best answer according to cheating.
    2) Other questions, answers, comments, documents, knowledge deletion principles
    The questions, answers, comments, documents, knowledge that meets any of the following situations will be deleted
    a. Contains pornographic, violence, horror content
    · Detailed description of sexual organs, sexual behavior and sexual psychology
    · Passing porn pictures or other porn content
    · Detailed description of violence behavior process and physical and mental experience
    · Detailed description of terrorist events and subjective feelings
    · Temptation of others to meet sexual relationships or prostitution
    · Employment, seduce others to engage in violence
    · Inskep others
    · Provide the above characteristics to provide the above characteristics Links
    b. Put the nature of advertising
    · Links or repeated releases to the same website
    · In order to increase traffic, they deliberately guide others to a website or forum
    · For a profitable organization or personal advertisement
    · Trading of any items (including virtual items, such as virtual currency, etc.)
    · Propaganda, development of MLM activities
    · Provide links that meet the above characteristics
    c. Control content
    · Malicious evaluation of the current system of the country
    · Destruction of social public order
    · Disputes on national, race, religion, region
    · Publicity superstition and cult organization
    · Provide links that meet the above characteristics
    D. Including the content of the person’s body
    · slandering others, spreading false information
    · other legitimate rights and interests such as infringement of portraits of portraits, privacy rights n · Insulting others in rough words, causing physical and mental damage
    · Honorary for damage to social groups or organizations
    · Provide links that meet the above characteristics
    e. Contains ethical and moral content
    . Contents that contain public ethics that violate social ethics
    · Promoting decadent and negative outlook on life n · persuading suicide method and process
    · Discrimination and degradation Vulnerable groups, such as disabled, poor aging, and poor economic conditions
    · Professor to infringe on other people’s rights, such as hackers, fraud, etc.
    · Including other links that may cause other people’s dislocation or unpleasant content to provide links that meet the above characteristics
    f. The nature of maliciousness, boring and irrigation
    · Questions and answers that provides specific contact information and ask questions for specific contact information n · Questions about chatting, tracing, friends, reviews, etc. n · Discussion questions that are malicious, boring, irrigation categories
    · Similar questions such as composition, papers or homework answers
    · The information provided in the supplement is not enough to constitute a question about a question.
    · Q

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