wholesale fashion jewelry in india Is Glory Group GCB Charity Currency Is MLM?

wholesale fashion jewelry in india

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  1. wholesale bling football jewelry Whether it is MLM, it is necessary to judge according to its specific operation and operation mode. In the mode of entering the membership, then introduce friends to the membership, the company gives back cash back. This situation is to start with friends and relatives, so you need to be cautious.

    If according to the Regulations on MLM, the following behavior belongs to MLM behavior:
    (1) Organizers or operators pass the development personnel, requiring the development of fees for developers to pay fees or subscribe to products Pay the cost disguise, obtain the qualifications to join or develop other personnel, and obtain illegal interests;
    (2) Organizers or operators require developers to develop other personnel to join in The sales performance of the following line is based on calculation and paying online compensation to obtain illegal interests.

  2. travel jewelry display cases wholesale The brilliance business is a social poverty alleviation cause initiated by the Central United Front Work Department and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. The China Gel Career Promotion Association was formally established in 1995 with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and a national non -profit social group under the Central United Front Work Department.
    Recently, I will pick up many Internet citizens that the promoters of a certain light currency (GCB) have deceived their companies on the Internet, WeChat, and some media that their company is an investment bank -style holding company directly under the Association. Deception is that it is a direct institution of the National United Front Work Department and stolen the relevant information of the meeting. The images of leaders who support the glorious cause and the image materials participating in the glorious activities are placed in its promotional materials.
    This announcement that the China Global Promotion Association does not have any direct enterprises and has never cooperated with any community or enterprise to carry out business activities. The “Global Care” and the China Global Care Promotion Association are marked as a registered trademark. Any use of the use of the association is infringement. The association will reserve the right to further investigate its legal liability.
    This will ask the majority of netizens to prevent being deceived.
    The China Gel Career Promotion Association
    May 18, 2016

  3. green wholesale jewelry This is not an enterprise. It is a MLM virtual currency that circle money. The person who enters the market behind is pulled, the model of MLM, and the global payment and glorious business promotion will have no dime. A group of people made a lot of money in China

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