wholesale cartier replica jewelry What gifts are suitable for friends in the New Year?

wholesale cartier replica jewelry A friend invited me to go to their house to New Year's Eve and want to prepare some gifts to close the relationship. To send 6 people at the same time, I don't know which small gifts are more interesting or exquisite? (Edit: All 18 years old, high school classmates, men and women)

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  1. wholesale fashion jewelry in los angeles 1. Electric heating treasure
    Inded to a girlfriend in the cold winter, a girlfriend, sending warmth to her girlfriend who is afraid of cold, and reminds her of your love for her when warming her hands.
    2, mobile phone
    In a mobile phone to your girlfriend, set your photo as a mobile desktop, and cook the porridge when you miss her, so that your love will continue through the electrical wave.
    3, dancing blanket
    Although dancing blankets are no longer fashionable electronic products, giving girlfriends on Christmas is still a good choice, so that girlfriends can not only warm up the music on the cold winter, not only can it be warm, but also lose weight. Keep a good figure and get two birds with one stone.
    4, perfume and skin care
    The weather in winter is dry, giving girlfriend beauty skin care products, can also be regarded as a little care, skin care products are painted on the face, meaning personal care.
    5, cartoon pajamas
    send a girlfriend a cartoon cotton pajamas (couple cartoon pajamas), which not only allows girlfriends to feel kawaii, but also allows her to evoke you every night before going to bed to go to bed every night miss.
    6, flower dessert gift box
    Rose flower gift boxes or cute dessert gift boxes are all holiday gifts that most girls cannot refuse, especially when these two gifts are sent together, they will often get unexpected effects. You can receive the bouquets and desserts of the beloved person on Christmas. Naturally, the whole winter will be sweet and warm, and you will not be happy.

  2. precious jewelry miami wholesalers If you can choose some cost -effective scarves, it is also very cold in winter. Boys choose blue gray brown or khaki, girls are red, khaki, brown. If the scarf cost is relatively high, then a cake passes. It is beautiful, and everyone is happy to celebrate the New Year. Even the small bracelet that has been on the Internet recently. Or you buy that planet puzzle online, just search for planet puzzles, and one cost is only 10 yuan. Don't fight for them, it is very fun to send one home to let them fight for themselves. It is recommended to buy a lot of Pinduoduo, it is very cost -effective, don’t buy a gift box, it’s too expensive

  3. wholesale jewelry supplies tucson Send something practical, and then look at your economic situation to send it. If the economic conditions are good, you can send some good wine, better tea. If the economic conditions are general, you can consider buying some fruits and milk to see if there are children in their homes that can send some toys or wrap a red envelope

  4. seeds and nuts from ecuador for making jewelry wholesale Everyone has a delicate little cake, or candy snacks, girls choose exquisite and cute, boys choose simple atmosphere

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