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  1. bulk wholesale jewelry rings Emerald has been one of the precious gems since ancient times. Too much containing content will naturally affect the value of gemstones, but for gem researchers, emerald's internal content is a rare sample. By observing different internal contents, the differences in the origin of gemstones and their growth are distinguished from their place of origin and their growth. surroundings. The content of emeralds greatly affects the beauty of the gemstone, and its beautiful green still has no other gem foot feet to match it. Because of the rock formation that is often squeezed by stress, the appearance of the grandmother's green crystals is broken. -The quoted from Baidu Encyclopedia
    The appearance characteristics and colors of emeralds do not look perfect. Most of the emerald can see obvious impurities inside. Still winning people's love, occupying a large share in the market. The biggest feature of emeralds is that the second view is presented. You can see the emeralds present different colors from different angles and directions. This is a characteristic that other gems do not have.
    The rich cadmium ions inside the emerald is an important reason for the rich colors of emerald gems. You can see that the emeralds are dark red under Charles Merma mirror. , But it cannot be used as a standard. Other gems have the same color characteristics under the observation of Chalmos.
    Themian green, as a precious gem, should pay attention to maintaining the environment. Do not contact any acid and alkali substances. The acid -base substances will react with the chemical composition inside the emerald moisturizing, causing corrosion. If there are pollutants on the surface of the emerald gemstone, you can wipe it gently with water, and be careful not to wash the emerald gemstone with ultrasonic waves.

  2. wholesale tanzanite jewelry suppliers Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have received your question. It is sorting the relevant information for you. The time may be slightly longer. Please wait patiently. BleaknNeed to clean emeralds frequently. When cleaning the emerald gemstone in daily, it is best to choose the same warm water and a softer brush as the room temperature for treatment. Put the emerald's jewelry in warm water for 15 minutes, and then use a soft brush for friction. Rinse warm water.nNeutral water washing but in addition to the treatment of warm water, we can also choose to use neutral hand washing or soapy water, but it is not recommended to use weak alkaline or weakly acidic jewelry cleaning agent to clean, warm water and medium medium in medium medium Sex water is the best cleaning solvent, and Xiaobian also recommends that everyone is not cleaning many times in a short time. It is best to wash it three or four times a year.nWhen wearing daily wear, avoid bumps when we wear emeralds in daily life, we must avoid rubbing and collision with other metal jewelry. This is to avoid scratches on the surface of the gemstone. If you are doing physical labor and exercise, the best way is to pick off the emeralds, because excessive exercise can also cause cracks inside the gemstone. The most important point is that the emerald gemstone can be exposed to high temperatures. Once it is exposed to high temperature, the interior of the gem will easily expand the inside bodies, which will lead to crushing.nRelated information has been sent to you. Of course, if you still have questions, you can continue to ask me. Your praise is my motivation. I wish you a happy life, thank you! Intersection BleaknQuestion, thank you n4 morenBleak

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