market street wholesale jewelry 1890 What are the special meanings of various gifts!

market street wholesale jewelry 1890

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  1. wholesale fairy themed jewelry 1. [Scarf] -I will always love you. (1). Hold him/her (2). Give him/her warm, indicating your care (3). It is a kind of warm, delicate, generous manner

    2. [Letter] -I miss you.

    3. [Flower] -I want to put my name on your heart. I want to be with you

    4. [Book] -I believe you are smart.

    5. [Gum Gum] -I want to have a long time to associate with you. I want to share with you the lingering love

    6. [Cigarette] -I hate you.

    7. [Ben] -I want to see your naive love.

    8. [Ring] -You always belong to me. Represents love you to your heart, and you are willing to be pretty your love

    9. [Umbrella] -I to protect you in any case.

    10. [Hair -folder] -I want your success.

    11. [Mirror] -Don't forget me. Want to get your heart

    12. [Necklace] -I want you to be by my side. The representative locks you tightly, hoping that there is only him in your heart, there is no other opposite sex

    13. [Chocolate] -I love you. I want to share with you sweet love

    14. [Lighter] -You is my first love. Your relationship with him is touched. Representing fire, fire represents passion
    represents secret love, love, love

    15. [Ball Ball Pen] -My half of my heart. Hello

    16. [Key decoration] -I want your luck.

    17. [Album] -The collects our love in my heart.

    18. [Pen pen] -Cain our love in my heart. I wish you success

    19. [Touching Doll] -I want to be more true.

    20. [Jiwu] -I want to be a friend with you.

    21. [Gloves] -I want to be true. Can't escape her palm

    22. [Handkerchief] -I wait for the breakup and then meet again.

    23. [Pajamas] -I give you me all. Give all my

    24. [Diary] -I want to collect the memories of our two in my heart

    25, [wallet] -ono you wish you to accompany him forever than money, you are right, you are right, you are right, you are right, you are right, you are right, you are right. For me more important

    26, [belt, belt] -The represents that he should not leave me for a lifetime, do not leave me

    27, [Shaver knife] -on means that he is excellent in your heart The mature men

    28, [Album] -The memories of you and my memories

    29, [Thousands of paper cranes] -Is hope that I and your love will have a beautiful ending.

    30 of our love between us will be realized, [Send Watch] -The representation of you and him have a second and second feelings, see every day, see it from time to time Accompany you in seconds. The watch is another form. The expansion is to fall in love with you. The watch can also get along with time. Time is what you need. See whether you love each other. Don't be late at dating

    31. [Tie Tie] indicates that you stuck him and let him always be by your side

    32. [Comb] is a kind of mind ! [1]. Comb represents acacia, which means that the other party misses and misses you! [2]. Combing the hair every day also represents its closeness to you, representing the old white head! [3]. Comb also represents represents Love, in ancient times, there was generally the meaning of doing love! [4]. Comb also represents health and happiness! Sweeping the troubles, opening your heart, and combing your hair will give people self -confidence!

    33. [Men's Perfume] It means that you are tasteful in her mind. She is eager to contact you further

    34. Express, I hope to accompany you from time to time, let you think of her at all times.

    35. [Send your body clothes] (panties, socks) are relatively ambiguous. This is a kind of intimate flirting, similar to the animal circle leading territory, indicating that you are her.

    36. [Send your favorite special gifts] (basketball, anime model, book), which means that she has a good impression on you and also hopes to win your favor.

    37. [Send sweaters, jeans, sports shoes] indicates that she really loves you, and has entered the start to cook your mother's life.

    38. .. [Sugar] I like you

    40. [Doll] Hug

    41. [Tie clip] I want to love you

    42. [Pillow] I want to spend the night with you

    43. [Kiss] Fall in love with you

    44. [Hat, headscarf] Always love you

    45. [Pigeon] 521 I love you

    46. [Towel] Remember me forever

    47. [Key Chain] I wish you luck

    48. [Paper Stars] 365 days blessings

    49. [Bracelet] In addition to wanting to circulate you, it also implies that he only loves you alone

    50. ] It means to live in this life and live in the afterlife. I hope that the next life can be together. [Cosmetics] You are beautiful

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  3. earth grace jewelry wholesale Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Scarf: I will always love you. 2. Letter: I miss you. 3. Huaer: I want to put my name on your heart. 4. Book: I believe you are smart.

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