SmartDrive Motor Wheel Revolutionizing Mobility

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The SmartDrive Motor Wheel is transforming mobility with its innovative design, integrating motor, sensors, and brakes into a single unit. Offering high efficiency, compactness, and versatility, it suits various vehicles from electric bikes to lightweight cars, making transportation cleaner and more sustainable.


The advent of the SmartDrive Motor Wheel marks a significant leap forward in the realm of mobility, offering a blend of innovation, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. This groundbreaking product integrates cutting-edge technology to propel vehicles forward, leveraging electric power to its fullest potential. Designed to cater to a wide array of applications, from personal mobility devices to industrial transport solutions, the Motor Wheel embodies the future of transportation, ensuring a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Product Overview

The SmartDrive Motor Wheel by Rotontek is an all-encompassing electric drive solution, engineered to redefine how we think about wheel propulsion. Unlike traditional propulsion systems, this motor wheel combines the motor, sensors, and brakes into a single, compact unit that can be easily integrated into a vehicle's wheel. This integration not only simplifies the vehicle's design but also enhances its performance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications including electric bicycles, scooters, and even lightweight electric cars.


Specification Details
Motor Type Brushless DC (BLDC)
Power Output 250W - 5,000W (depending on model)
Voltage 24V, 36V, 48V (model dependent)
Efficiency > 90%
Wheel Size Available in multiple sizes (12", 14", 16", etc.)
Weight 2.5kg - 7kg (depending on model)
Maximum Speed Up to 50 km/h (model dependent)
Braking System Integrated electronic regenerative braking
Connectivity Bluetooth for diagnostics and settings adjustment

SmartDrive Motor Wheel Revolutionizing Mobility

Key Advantages

  • Versatility: The Motor Wheel's adaptable design makes it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from urban scooters to small electric cars.
  • High Efficiency: With an efficiency rate of over 90%, it significantly reduces energy loss, ensuring a longer range per charge.
  • Regenerative Braking: This feature not only enhances safety but also contributes to energy efficiency by recovering kinetic energy during braking.
  • Compact Design: By integrating multiple components into one, it reduces the overall weight and complexity of the vehicle.
  • Ease of Installation: Its plug-and-play design ensures that it can be easily installed or replaced, minimizing downtime.

Design and Performance Advantages

The SmartDrive Motor Wheel is not just about propulsion; it's about intelligent design and superior performance. Its brushless DC motor technology ensures a smoother ride, quieter operation, and lower maintenance requirements. The integrated sensors enable precise control and feedback, optimizing performance under various conditions. Furthermore, its robust construction guarantees durability and reliability, even in harsh environments.


The versatility of the SmartDrive Motor Wheel by Rotontek allows it to be utilized across a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Personal Mobility: Electric scooters, bicycles, and skateboards.
  • Public and Commercial Transport: Electric rickshaws, small cargo movers, and delivery vehicles.
  • Specialized Vehicles: Wheelchairs and other mobility aids, ensuring accessibility and independence for individuals with mobility challenges.

The SmartDrive Motor Wheel stands out as a pivotal innovation in electric mobility. Its design and performance not only meet the current demands for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions but also pave the way for future advancements. Whether for personal use or commercial applications, Rotontek's Motor Wheel offers a compelling choice for those looking to embrace the electric revolution.


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