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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Product: Thidiazuron
  • Other Name: TDZ
  • Purity: 50% WP
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Product Description

Product Name
Thidiazuron TDZ
Light yellow powder
95% 98%TC 50%WP for sale
Thidiazuron TDZ
Thidiazuron can be absorbed by plant through its stem and leaf, then conduct between petiole and stem.
Under higher concentration, ethylene can be released, promote the activity of pectin and cellulase, then promote abscission of mature leaves, and speed up the cotton wadding.
Under lower concentration, thidiazuron act as cytokinin, it can promote fruit set, retard leaf senescence.

Thidiazuron TDZ Application

1). Cotton---- Make Cotton leaves drop before harvest,

2). Grape------Improve fruit quality and increase yield.

3). Melon------improve fruit setting rate and increase yield

4). Celery------keep leaves green

5).Cucumber------Promote fruit-bearing, increase weight of single fruit

6). Flower cottage with low concentration


1). In the spraying fertilizer period, the cotton boll craze should not early than 60, in case of affecting output and quality.

2).Rainfall after spraying fertilizer will affect the effect, so you'd better notice the weather

3). If the product is eaten, absorbed or touched by mistake, it will harm to health and you
should go to hospital at once. If it touches skin or eyes, you must wash in clean water immediately.

4). Do not pollute water origin when washing containers or deal with waste liquid medicine

5). The product should be put away from food, feed and children.

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Multiple Goods Available

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