As an electronic engineer, how to select components, what good experience do you have?

I do component selection, I think hardware engineers have a better understanding of circuits, but lack of understanding of components.

If your company has a component engineer, consult with them. If not, there are a few simple rules for component selection. The basic principle of device selection is to select universal and cost-effective materials.

Common materials have many benefits:

As an electronic engineer, how to select components, what good experience do you have

1) The price is low. The general materials are either shipped in large quantities or have been on the market for a long time. The r&d cost, mold cost and automaton cost have been basically allocated.

2) It is easy to purchase, because it is common and suppliers usually do regular inventory for stock. Even if the product suddenly increases, suppliers can supply the goods. Even if this agent does not have the goods, it is also convenient to coordinate with other agents for goods or catch spot in the market.

3) The quality is stable, because the quantity is large enough, the problems have basically been out before, have been improved, so the quality is stable.

The so-called universal material, I think, has several aspects:

As an electronic engineer, how to select components, what good experience do you have

1) Common in the market, such as a certain device in the mobile phone, notebook, industrial field, the consumption is large, it must be very common;

2) General in the industry, such as micro connector in the mobile phone industry, LVDS line in the pen appliance industry, and general materials in other subsectors;

3) General use within the company, such as used materials of previous products (with large shipments), which have been verified by the company's market customers. So the selection order, in my opinion, should be like this (without device engineer) :

1. Try to select materials in the company's component library;

2, as far as possible to choose the company used a large number of materials, such as a large number of shipped products, similar or the same circuit;

As an electronic engineer, how to select components, what good experience do you have

3. According to the product type of the company, consult the supplier PM to understand the application scenarios of the materials recommended by the supplier, such as which customers are shipped to, the quantity of shipments, and it is better that the products in use are of the same type as the products of the company;

4. Ask for the material problem resume and timely avoid existing problems; If it is a very important product, and a large amount of it, to the supplier field assessment, on-site confirmation of the problem history, production process yield and shipment, shipment customer data.

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