How to purchase the right electronic components?

When buying components, we need to pay attention to many aspects, such as model number, delivery date, packaging, batch and specification, just like when buying clothes, we also need to distinguish between authenticity and fakery, we must ensure that the products are authentic.

1. Identify authenticity

Typically, electronic components in a factory will be marked with three pieces of information in the margins of the components: the manufacturer, the component number and the date of manufacture. This is a responsible attitude. Some companies directly print the English name of the company. In addition, some companies directly print the company's unique symbol to represent the manufacturer.

2. Component number

The component number indicates the unique specification and application specification of the component. In most cases, components with the same number should be able to be interchanged. However, in some special cases, some differences in the hardware often lead to abnormal operation of the entire electronic circuit, which often takes a long time to see why.

How to purchase the right electronic components?3. Understand the classification of electronic components

(1) Active and passive components.

An active element is one obtained from or dependent on the direction of current. Such as transistors, SCR rectifiers, diodes, valves, etc.

A passive component is an electronic component that performs a specific function and requires no energy.

(2) Active and passive components

Devices that require energy (electricity) source are called active devices, and those that do not require energy (electricity) source are called passive devices.

Active devices are usually used for signal amplification and conversion. Passive devices are used for signal transmission, or amplification by directional signals. Capacitance, resistance and inductance are passive devices, while IC and module are active devices.

(3) Discrete components are integrated circuits.

Discrete component circuit is a circuit composed of single electronic components linked together. If the use of discrete components to achieve complex functions of the circuit or system, it will inevitably lead to a large number of components, volume, weight, power consumption, poor reliability.

The advantages of integrated circuits are low cost, small size, light weight, low power consumption, high reliability and easy maintenance. Integrated circuits are widely used and developing rapidly.

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