Why is the life of electronic components subject to exponential distribution?

Because the average electronic component is broken, most of it is not because it has been used for a long time, wear and tear and things like that, it is basically because of impact load and things like that (I don’t know exactly what that is). The impact load is not related to the use […]

How to find customers in electronic processing and electronic components industry?

1. Identify your target audience Before developing customers, we must be clear about our target customers. In IC foreign trade industry, as an independent distributor, our possible target customers mainly fall into two categories: A. Channels: domestic and foreign distributors (such as brokers on IC foreign trade platform) B. Terminal category: domestic and foreign manufacturers […]

Where is a good place to buy electronic components?

I am engaged in this line of work. Personal advice: for convenience, you can browse the Internet to compare the local electronic components market. If you don’t mind long-distance transportation, you can go to Huaqiang electronic network, love procurement, Lichuang Mall, Yaogan network, Alibaba 1688, positive energy electronic network and so on these official websites… […]

As an electronic engineer, how to select components, what good experience do you have?

I do component selection, I think hardware engineers have a better understanding of circuits, but lack of understanding of components. If your company has a component engineer, consult with them. If not, there are a few simple rules for component selection. The basic principle of device selection is to select universal and cost-effective materials. Common […]

Category introduction of electronic components

Electronic components are components of electronic components and electrical small machines and instruments. They are often composed of several parts and can be used in similar products. Often refers to electrical appliances, radio, instrumentation and other industrial parts, such as capacitance, transistor, spring, spring and other sub-devices. Business opportunities trading network will give you a […]

What are the causes of aging of electronic components?

(1) Fatigue problem of thermal cycle stress caused by different thermal expansion coefficient of materials in welding site. (2) Thermal migration, that is, metal atoms move against the temperature gradient. Causes a certain degree of component segregation of the solder. (3) Electromigration, cavity may be formed at the cathode and hillock may be accumulated at […]

Are electronic components suitable for e-commerce? What’s the best way to do it?

Electronic components are very suitable for e-commerce and have become very popular. But more is limited to the sample/small batch stage. It is aimed at the procurement of research and development prototype stage and the project of schools or research institutions. Advantage 1 components are standard products Logistics is very convenient and the cost is […]

Is there a future in purchasing electronic components?

In general, procurement usually involves the following: 1. Supplier development: according to the demand of the company to find the other material supplier, it need to be familiar with the inside of the related materials industry manufacturers, each material manufacturer quality condition, material of real-time market and market in the coming months, the materials delivery […]

What’s the dark side of the electronic component market?

Let’s start with the types of “fake goods” 1. Refurbished goods, as the name implies, are electronic components that have been used. They are removed from various boards and processed again, and then become new goods and return to the market for trading. Refurbished goods are generally received customer orders, from the market to buy […]