Is online furniture buying reliable? What is the specific process?

Do you have a license? Domestic or foreign? The domestic furniture that you buy on the net is blunt our side to buy wholesale the certificate that I say is authorization card, it is the authorization of brand marketing furniture and the clothes that buy on behalf of ordinary buy with package is completely different because my home is not to do the furniture of brand, we this is to do wholesale, be self-employed.

As from small to large, contact with these things I suggest to compare the price or forget it, the furniture inside the road, some fundamental is outside the United States and internal failure, hidden rules or a lot of a price a point of goods if you want foreign brand furniture, go to his physical store to buy, although a little more expensive, better than quilt cover.

To tell the truth, a lot of furniture supplier of abroad side sold in the past, also don't say all right, some foreign brands, his furniture design, workshop, production in our side, back to their home ~ ~ ~ the price up now some people they like to buy European table covered with white paint? Usually sell hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, like this are cheap goods, easily damp, furniture quickly damaged.

furniture supplier

Expensive good is ten thousand above calculate, good is to use solid wood to go up paint, including my own home inside that set of solid wood furniture. Don't say 20 years at least have more than 10 years above the paint is, because of collision or is dug down by hand won't be affected with damp fall off.

It is not as good as the new furniture now. This set of furniture will be sold out. If you want to buy another set, you can't buy the same quality as it.

The most valuable thing is that his wooden frames are all solid wood.

As long as the wooden frame is there, we can renew it and continue to use it ourselves.

Basically, you can't see it. To be honest, like furniture, you can't see it, because it's wrapped in it. Even if you turn it over, you don't know what it's made of.

Of all the faux leather you can tell, ordinary leather from expensive leather, you can't tell the difference between iron and wood.

Different materials cost different prices, not to mention you buy online, you can not see, can not touch

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