r i wholesale jewelry inc johnston ri What is spot transaction?

r i wholesale jewelry inc johnston ri

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  1. wholesale gold jewelry suppliers china Spot transactions refer to a transaction method of buying and seller from the demand for physical goods and the purpose of selling physical goods. According to the agreed payment method and delivery method, a transaction method for real -life goods settlement in real -time or shorter time. In spot transactions, with the transfer of commodity ownership, the exchange and circulation of commodity entities are completed. Therefore, spot transactions are the direct expression of commodity operation.
    (1) The longest time exists. Spot transactions are the oldest ways of transaction, and it is also a way of transaction method that continues to innovate and flexibly change in the practice process. The earliest object exchange is a spot trading method. With the development of socio -economic, the breadth and concentration of commodity exchange continues to expand, and the specific practices of spot trading methods have continued to increase. From the initial object exchange, to the development of retail, wholesale, and agency transactions that were later commonly used, most of them were cash, credit, bills, trust transactions, etc., mostly, were specific applications of spot transactions.
    (2) The widest range of coverage. Because spot transactions are not limited by transaction objects, trading time, trading space, etc., it is the most widely used transaction method. Any goods can be completed through spot transactions, and people can obtain the goods they need through spot transactions at any time and anywhere. In people's daily life, the most contact with "one -handed money, first -hand goods" spot transactions.
    (3) The randomness of the transaction is the most. Because spot transactions do not have other special restrictions, and the transaction is more flexible and convenient, the randomness of the transaction is large.
    (4) The shortcomings are the shortest. This is the fundamental difference between spot transactions in the long -term contract transaction and futures transactions. Spot transactions are usually transactions in real -time, two payments are clear, or commodity settlement activities are implemented in a short period of time. It should be pointed out that although some transactions, such as the sales method in credit transactions, have a certain interval in time, still belong to the scope of spot transactions.

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  3. beads for jewelry wholesale 1. The daily spot price is really formed: open, transparent, convenient, and fast electronic trading platform. Through a large number of traders to concentrate on bidding, it has a strong price discovery function, and the price of goods is authoritative and influential;

    2. Meet a variety of transaction needs:

    Investment demand: Traders pay a small amount of extension compensation fee to achieve the purpose of long -term positioning, and can earn investment profits in accordance with long -term trends.

    The value preservation requirements: Traders can build a position in advance to lock the procurement costs or sales price of their own companies in advance according to the judgment of the price trend.

    The real -object delivery requirements: daily application for physical delivery, giving spot providers' delivery of great convenience.

    3. Increase the utilization rate of funds

    The use of 20%margin transaction method. The 5x transaction fund leverage has greatly saved the cost of funds and the utilization rate of funds has been improved.

    The T 0 transaction method can be used repeatedly in the transaction on the day.

    4, realizing two -way transactions

    can not only do more, but also short. Whether it is a bull market or a bear market, there is a chance to make a profit for investors.

    5, providing electronic trading services that cover 24 hours covering major financial markets around the world

    icated the needs of investors cross-time zone participating in market transactions; (9: 00-11: 30 13 13 : 30-16: 00 16: 00-16: 05 is 16: 05--16: 15 for the delivery time for the intermediate warehouse. (4) Conditions are provided for investors to effectively avoid the risks of violent fluctuations in cross -market prices.

    1. Simple and convenient to enter the market: strategic cooperation with major commercial banks in the country, which covers the national bank business outlets to facilitate traders' account opening and transaction behavior (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Bank of Communications, Construction, Construction Bank, Bank of China, Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, Minsheng Bank, Bohai Bank);

    2, capital custody security: through third -party depository management guarantee transaction funds;

    3, convenient funding: The trading deposit custody and transfer system jointly developed by the exchange and banks has realized real -time entry and exit of transaction margin.

    (5) Comprehensive members (authorized service agencies) and professional members (professional authorized service agencies) in different industries (professional authorized service agencies) are the traders participating in the transactions of Bohai Commodity Exchange Trading. With qualified investors provide account opening guidance and education and training services, assist traders to complete product transaction services such as account opening, transaction settlement, and goods delivery on exchanges and settlement banks.

    (6) The exchange will continue to launch in the professional fields of energy and chemical products, metal goods, coal and other professional fields such as energy commodities, coal and other professional fields, and in accordance with the needs of national interests and market demand. Interests are also in line with standards of domestic and international market demand.

  4. yellowstone wholesale jewelry Cash spot. It refers to the buyer and seller of the stock after a transaction. Immediately go through the transaction method of the delivery procedures, that is, the seller pays the stock, the buyer pays, the delivery is delivered on the spot, and the money is clear. Huatai Securities's one-stop wealth management platform- "Raise Fortune" provides a variety of stock trading knowledge through short videos and series courses. Welcome to download and understand. Huatai Securities, intimate housekeeper, what you want is here, click the picture below to join us

  5. aka jewelry wholesale Hello, spot transactions are a contract-based trading based on the principle of funds leverage, requiring the delivery procedures within 1-2 working days after the transaction.
    It is the oldest way of transaction in securities transactions. Initially, securities transactions were performed in this way. In the future, due to the increase in the increase of the number, it has some difficulties on the spot. Therefore, in the future actual transaction process, some changes are adopted, that is, a shorter delivery period is allowed after the transaction, so that large traders can be settled.
    M countries have different regulations, and some of the regulations are settled in the second working day after the transaction; some regulations are longer, and delivery is allowed to complete within four or five days after the transaction. After all, the delivery after the transaction is generally handled in accordance with the provisions or practice of securities transactions, and countries are different.
    The characteristics of spot transactions:
    First, transactions and delivery are basically at the same time.
    The second is the physical transaction, that is, the seller must transfer the securities to the buyer in a lot without hedging.
    third, when delivery, the buyer must pay the current. Due to the use of cash in early securities transactions, spot transactions are also called cash spot transactions.

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