chinatown wholesale costume jewelry What does soft girl coin mean?

chinatown wholesale costume jewelry

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  1. market street wholesale jewelry wilmington de 1890 Refers to RMB or a virtual currency. Soft Girl Coin is a common virtual currency of loli clubs. It can be obtained through the cherry blossom community working games, posting resource stickers, and QQ group selling cute.
    The virtual currency soft girl coin for loli clubs can be exchanged for small black houses, community VIP, flying cherry blossom petals, Shi Ming privileges, Thunder diamond members, etc. Some games will block the three words of the RMB, causing many players to express it with homophonic sounds such as soft girls.
    The Chinese pinyin abbreviation of RMB is equivalent to the pinyin abbreviation of soft girl coins. This is also one of the important reasons for RMB to be called soft girl currency.

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